Damn it, Dave! #1: The Origin

“Damn it, Dave!” is something that I consistently say on a weekly basis.

Dave Filoni is a film director, writer, and animator. He is also the supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That’s exactly what’s written on Wikipedia. However, what Wikipedia doesn’t say is how Dave Filoni is in fact a troll.

I normally shout “Damn it, Dave!” after watching a new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars or a featurette related to that particular episode. I should also state that I don’t say it with any ill will behind it. I actually love Dave very much for what he and his awesome crew have done for Star Wars. It’s more of an expression of frustration because he knows exactly what to say without saying it. He knows how to make fans hang on to every word and syllable, but when I can’t figure it out, I immediately shout “Damn it, Dave!”

For example, about a month ago, this is what he said about Echo, the clone trooper who “died” on Lola Sayu:

Q: I watched a TV trailer where Echo dies, but then Echo dies on the Rishi moon…again?

Filoni: In ‘Rookies’, they’re on the Rishi moon, and a bunch of those guys did get wiped out, unfortunately. But not Echo. Echo goes down at the Citadel. That’s where Echo bites the dust. Was he your favorite clone? Am I feeling guilty right now, or are you just fact checking? He was your favorite clone. Well, clones… there’s always another one, isn’t there? Right, Dee? What was that? Oh, sorry. Maybe in a future episode, I don’t know, we’ll see. You never know. He was in a big explosion – anything could have happened. Maybe he could have been safely thrown 200 yards.

Damn it, Dave! Why would you say that? You’re kind of giving us hope, but not really. Is he alive? Is he truly dead? TELL ME!

So there you have it. I figured I’d start my own section entitled, “Damn it, Dave!”

The next time you see that expression written in the comments section of some article related to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, there’s a 99 percent chance that the original poster was me.

Photo Credit: hyku

3 responses to “Damn it, Dave! #1: The Origin

  1. Haha the Q&A I found yesterday xD (did you read the rest? I loved all!)
    Why are you so mysterious, Dave???????
    Until now, for me Echo was dead, I always thought that Anakin, Rex, Fives and the others saw Echo corpse but not we on the screen. Ok, this is not good, since the hangout I’m fangirling over the question “alive/not alive”
    He kills me sometimes -.-


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