Star Wars Rebels Panel at NYCC 2013 [Video/Audio]

The Star Wars Rebels panel was, by far, the most coordinated and informative segment at New York Comic Con 2013. Pablo Hidalgo and the rest of the crew both at Lucasfilm and NYCC provided fans a great preview at new concept art and a clearer understanding of what stage of development the Star Wars Rebels crew are currently in. If you didn’t attend the panel, don’t worry because I brought the panel to you! Below, you will find the panel divided into four parts. Due to the rules set by NYCC, I didn’t record the video footage. Still, you’ll find both the presentation and Q&A very illuminating and entertaining.

The final video footage shown at NYCC, which was uploaded to

UPDATE: Here’s an audio file (.mp3) I grabbed of the panel, as well.

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