Star Wars Animation

The animated fare of Star Wars has added to its richness. Animations are a wonderful option to create awareness on various topics. The crypto market is using animations to educate people about crypto trading and blockchain technology. Crypto trading is becoming widely popular, and many people are making fortunes from this. Visit to learn more about crypto trading. After an unappreciated start of animation by George Lucas and the team in 1980, they bounced back in the early 2000s with the popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Even though the film could get only a handful of fans, the animated series has won appreciation from all over the world.

The animated series from Star Wars has created a wide and amazing world full of wonders. Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch which is expected to be aired in 2022. Until then, we can have a review of the previous Star Wars animated series one by one.

  • Star Wars: Droids

Star Wars: Droids is one of the first animations of Star Wars and the style is rougher than the fans expected. This series was more of a cartoon made completely for children. Star Wars: Droids has 13 half-hour episodes with multi-arc stories leading up to an hour-long special. The series is completely fun and silly, featuring the over-dramatic look of C-3PO. The supporting actors were completely poor imitations of the real movie trio.

  • Ewoks

Ewoks were the debut of Lucasfilm along with Droids. This series is centered on Wicket Wystri Warrick along with his friends and family. The Ewoks show is filled with adventures and is more entertaining than Droids. The number of characters depicts that it is completely for children.

  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Bad Batch is a clone squad that has to fight powerfully for their survival after all the events of Order 66. The Bad Batch turns all the heroes of the previous batch into villains and the main batch appealing characters with some peculiarities. The main cast gets the voice of Dee Bradley Baker. The show is very engaging with some fantastic subplots too. Several games related to Star Wars are available in the gaming industry. Many gamers are playing casino games expecting some profits. Those searching for Korean online casinos may visit to find the most reputable ones.

  • Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance represents the spectacle and wonders of the franchise. It features numerous characters with attractive personalities. The show is more targeted towards a younger audience, but the fans, regardless of all ages, love it. Star Wars Resistance features a simpler animation style than its predecessors.

  • Star Wars: Visions

Visions is an anthology series that comprises nine short films which bring out the inspirations behind the vision of George Lucas. They use anime archetypes to give a rebirth to Star Wars. Every story of Vision is unique and gives a different approach to familiar themes.

  • Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels came out in 2014 and features characters with unique personalities. This show features the wonderful redemption arcs the franchise has. The Mandalorians major part is informed by the Rebels and thus has its signature in the series.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars got its name from the film that came out with the same name. But the animated series had a unique journey on its own. This animated version could restore that gap that emerged between the original films and the prequel trilogy. It featured multi-episode storylines, which were exciting for the viewers.