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Ahsoka Tano’s Fate?

Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The season five finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is only days away. Ahsoka has been framed for a crime she did not commit and there are two questions on people’s minds:

  • Who was the masked figure that Ahsoka faced at the end of “To Catch a Jedi”?
  • What will happen to Ahsoka?

Death for Ahsoka seems too sudden and rash. She’s one of the few female characters that this generation of Star Wars fans has grown up with and it would be unfair to remove that type of figure completely. The next best theory is leaving the Order to resolve things and look back on the experience on her own.

As for the masked figure, my dear friend from Canada pointed out the Teletoon trailer for this Saturday’s season finale. I snatched a copy of it and uploaded it to YouTube, and the last two seconds contain a BIG spoiler.

Sadly, it seems that Barriss Offee was the masked figure. Hints had been dropped by the writers throughout the arc (the look she had before Ahsoka left her side, Barriss continually asking Ahsoka where she was located, and finally feeding her the location to the warehouse), but I refused to believe that such a wonderful character was behind the scheme. In the Expanded Universe, Barriss Offee is a truly amazing character with an interesting story that involves her knighthood, an encounter with a miracle plant, and her eventual death on Felucia during Order 66. As a fan of the EU, it breaks my heart to see her character be given a completely different story.

That said, we still do not know the details or who’s the REAL mastermind behind it all (I refuse to believe Barriss was in on this alone). We will have to wait and see!

Photo Credit: CGCG, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, Lucasfilm

4 comments on “Ahsoka Tano’s Fate?

  1. I also watched that video the another day… finally, looks like is Barris -.-
    Well, is not a surprise for me, because was too obvious but, as I said sometimes before, I preferred a surprise, or maybe a new character. I really hope that has a sense, I hope Barris is not doing this “just because”.
    About the EU… ok, I didn’t read nothing (only the clone wars movie novel and wild space) and that’s why I can’t say nothing, but well… Lucas dislikes the EU so, despite Filoni likes it, Lucas ‘is in charge’ so the stories/characters are so different from there. I’m so sorry, for your description, looks like a really cool story :(
    By the way, I’m Eriha xD

    • Hello there! So excited to see Tumblr friends on here. It saddens me that Lucas doesn’t like the EU. I mean, I get it. He’s the creator of all and has a right to say what’s true and not true. Still, I find that I act like a five-year-old whenever he disregards it, stomping around and shouting out WHY, haha! It’s his game, so I understand the changes he’s making with TCW. Again, it just disappoints me that Barriss had to go down this way. Like I said, though, we still don’t know the details, so there might be someone else playing the cards. We’ll just have to wait and see! :D

      • Wait and see! That’s the spirit :D (?) xDD
        Pffff well, we have to accept this…
        Hey! What’s the name/s of that Barris book/s? I have now in my pending list “no prisoners” but why not? I can add more EU books :D Is time to read some, I think (there’s any plo book?)

        • I’m not sure about Plo books, but the first time we see Barriss Offee is in “The Approaching Storm,” where she teams up with Padawan Skywalker. Then there’s “MedStar I: Battle Surgeons” and “MedStar II: Jedi Healer.” Fantastic books!

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