The Wookiee Gunner

Star Wars Poster

Star Wars Scoundrels

Star Wars is my life. Well, I try to fit as much of it as I can. I grew up watching the originals since I was a young girl. My mom told me that I had been watching those movies since I came out of the womb, but the first time I recall seeing A New Hope was when WB-11 (in New York) used to play old movies on Sunday afternoons. After the prequels were done, I was more than happy to accept Star Wars: The Clone Wars into my life to bring me a weekly fresh dose of Star Wars. Then–when we least expected it–Episodes VII, VIII and IX were announced, and now here I am a few months after the announcement, writing my little Star Wars heart out.

I chose Wookie Gunner because it’s such a cool name! If you’re an Expanded Universe fan, you’ll know that this name came from the No Prisoners novel by Karen Traviss. Here’s hoping we continue to bring Star Wars to newer generations!

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