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Amazing Star Wars Lego Photos by Avanaut

The Arrival of a Star Destroyer by Avanaut

The thing I enjoy most about Star Wars fans is their ingenuity and ability to create something out of nothing. Vesa Lehtimäki, also known as Avanaut on Flickr, Twitter and Facebook, is one of those fans. He has a stunning collection of snowy scenes and other creative humorous moments on Flickr entitled, “Lego on Hoth.”

I like the idea of expanding beyond the silver-screen and imagining what happens in the background…With my photography, I’m revisiting an unfulfilled career path, I guess. With the attached little stories my photos are like tiny one-frame movie scenes, and I get to direct ‘Star Wars’!

When the Lego pieces aren’t spending a wintry holiday on Hoth, you can also find them exploring the sand dunes of Tatooine.

(via Yahoo! UK News)

Photo Credit: Avataut

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