Star Wars Highlights from ECCC 2013

Emerald City Comic Con 2013

Didn’t go to the Emerald City Comic Con in Washington this weekend? Me neither. Nevertheless, I did spend some of my time scouring through tweets and photos on Instagram to find some of the best Star Wars cosplays, artwork and information.

The “Star Wars in Comics” panel elaborated more on some current projects, including Brian Wood’s Star Wars series, Gabriel Hardman’s Legacy, Randy Stradley’s Dark Times, and Dawn of the Jedi. To read up on the rest of the panel, check out Todd Allen’s recap over at As a Dark Horse Comics fan, I also wanted to know more about its role given Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. Here’s what was talked about at the panel:

Q: What does Disney buying Star Wars mean for Dark Horse?

A (Randy Stradley, writer and Vice President of Publishing for Dark Horse Comics) – He was in Korea at a seminar giving a speech about Star Wars comics when he found out.  He had to rewrite the speech a bit.  So far, it’s been business as usual.  To date, Disney hasn’t had a discussion with Lucasfilm’s licensing people about the comics.  He should hear something this year.  But nothing has changed.

It looks like things are going to run their course for now. We will probably hear more about Star Wars comics within the next couple of months. Here’s hoping Star Wars comics stay with Dark Horse Comics.

Best Tweets:

Muppets and Star Wars Mash-up at ECCC 2013

Darth Maul playing bagpipes ECCC 2013

More Cosplays:

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ECCC 2013 – Star Wars Show Finale

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