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RebelForce Radio’s Ashley Eckstein Special

RebelForce Radio

Make sure to check out Ashley Eckstein’s first post-season five finale interview with RebelForce Radio.

Ashley discusses all-things-Ahsoka and takes listener questions as we look back at her character’s incredible story. Join us for an in-depth conversation about the past, present and future of Ahsoka Tano with the actress who brought her to life, Ashley Eckstein, in this special episode of RebelForce Radio.

Some highlights include:

  • Ashley’s perspective on Dave Filoni’s direction for the finale
  • Her interaction with Dave via e-mail prior to recording, which has been released in the form of a blog post.
  • The emotions she felt during the final screening
  • Re-recording experiences for the finale
  • Ahsoka’s relationship between Anakin and Barriss
  • Ahsoka’s “I know” vs. Han Solo’s “I know”
  • Ahsoka’s recent fate, future and growth since the inception of her character
  • And more!

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1 comment on “RebelForce Radio’s Ashley Eckstein Special

  1. “Oh well… I was crying”, how nice she is ^o^ Ahsoka not would be the same character if Ashley not would dub her

    Big thanks for the podcast!!!

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