The End of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Logo

Sunday night. Not really up to much. Browsing through Twitter when I see it.

“Ended The Clone Wars have.”

I stop scrolling because anything Clone Wars related has that effect on me. I immediately have to pause what I’m doing and read up on the latest news featuring Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

My heart breaks. Rumors flying about stating that my beloved series has been cancelled.

I fall into a fit of rage, which mainly consists of angry tweets and loud typing.

It all goes back to October 30, 2012, when things truly turned for the worst. Disney is a business and a giant Pac-Man corporation eating its way around with no consideration to its fans and the fans of other franchises.

If the rumors turn out to be true, then Disney has officially lost me as a fan. If this is how I want to feel right now, then I have the right to feel it and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Star Wars: The Clones Wars is instrumental in bridging the gaps between the made prequels, rekindling the love for Star Wars within adults, and creating a brand new generation full of children in love with Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano. It has depth, it has heart, and it has so much potential.

Disney does what it does best, which is to suffocate the quality out of something until there is nothing left–only this time, they just killed it before even giving it a chance. Again, if the rumors are true.

If tomorrow comes along and we get an official announcement full with this depressing news, then…well done, George Lucas, for entrusting your franchise with a corporation that lost its creativity and respect for the fans long ago. Well done, Lucasfilm, for letting Disney call the shots. Well done, Disney, for alienating thousands and thousands of fans for the decision you’ve made.

Well done.

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2 Comments on The End of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?


    Please no please no! :(

    I’m so sad now


  2. Omg it cant be true…it cant be!! D:


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