Star Wars Character Tournament

Star Wars Character Tournament

3D Prequels cancelled, 1313 postponed, Star Wars: The Clone Wars cancelled, and this Star Wars Character Tournament is supposed to make things more interesting in the fandom?

Needless to say, I’m completely unimpressed–and still bitter over the cancellation of The Clone Wars. Nevertheless, I will participate and place my votes when my favorite characters come up.

Lucasfilm is launching on Monday, March 18th, a tournament that will determine which Star Wars character is everyone’s favorite. It’s quite simple. There’s a Light Side and a Dark Side.

What also bothers me? The matches are uninteresting. Han vs. Lando? R2-D2 vs. C-3P0? Leia vs. Padme?

Spice it up a bit. How about Luke vs. Ahsoka? Han vs. Yoda? Grievous vs. Bossk? Better yet, why even have a Light Side and Dark Side. Mix up the whole bag! Boba vs. Rex? Qui-Gon vs. Grievous? Leia vs. Ventress?

If anything, I enjoyed the special message from Darth Vader the most:

What’s your opinion about this tournament? Who would you like to see win?

1 comment on “Star Wars Character Tournament

  1. In my opinon, is a silliness. I remember the 30-Day-Challenge on Tumblr, the stupid question in most of them -> “You are Team X or Team Y?”


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