Dark Horse Comics Adapts Original Star Wars Draft Into Series

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At WonderCon 2013 this past weekend, Dark Horse Comics announced a new eight issue mini-series slated for September later this year, entitled The Star Wars. The series is based on George Lucas’ original concept and draft that eventually went through several changes and became the Star Wars films as we know them today.

Written by J.W. Rinzler, the executive director for LucasBooks, and with artwork by Mike Mayhew, the series will introduce fans to the original concept, where Han Solo was a lizard and Luke Skywalker was an older military general–stuff that will turn your Star Wars galaxy upside down.

Full page art of "The Star Wars" mini-series

As for the future of Star Wars and Dark Horse Comics, Dark Horse vice president of publishing Randy Stradley stressed the same thing he said at Emerald City Comic Con back in early March:

Well, as of two weeks ago I was told a bunch of Disney people were up at Lucasfilm discussing how the two companies would work together and move forward. At this juncture, not a single word has been said about changing the licenses. I have a lot of hope that when Disney bought Marvel they didn’t come in and change everything; when they bought Pixar they didn’t come in and change everything. I have a lot of hope that they’re gonna let Lucasfilm be Lucasfilm. There’s been no discussion about anything that would affect us yet, expect to maybe hear something some time [next] year. I’m not gonna worry about something that may not happen. (Source)

[Press Release]

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