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The Clone Wars’ Supervising Director Dave Filoni on RebelForce Radio

RebelForce Radio

RebelForce Radio’s Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac recently talked to Dave Filoni, supervising director of the now-cancelled Star Wars: The Clone Wars series in a two-hour long interview. The podcast kicked off with hockey scores and laughs, but what really hit home was the conversation about the cancellation of The Clone Wars. Not much was said in terms of details, but hearty words of thanks and appreciation were exchanged–breaking my heart all over again.

Major points discussed in the interview included:

  • No specific details pertaining to the “bonus content,” particularly what exactly we’ll be seeing, when, and where. He did reveal one piece of information: the content will be animated. *rim shot* Jokes aside, here’s hoping there are more than just two arcs as recently revealed by an inside source from Lucasfilm.
  • Although Filoni couldn’t divulge much in terms of specifics, he did talk about the Order 66 and Clovis arcs. Filoni mentioned how this arc is crucial in expounding what we see in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and how the Clones can easily turn on the Jedi. Filoni didn’t talk about it, but I hope this arc reveals Rex’s ultimate fate, since he is not present for the last installment of the prequel trilogy. Lastly, the Clovis arc will obviously be included in the bonus content. The arc was supposed to appear in season five, but was pushed over into season six, which no longer exists.
  • Filoni is currently exploring and looking into content that could possibly become a new series under the direction of Disney. This is truly fantastic news considering the amount of bad news we’ve been getting about layoffs and cancellations. To be honest, I don’t trust Disney with the franchise. Knowing that Dave Filoni is involved with this potential new series is a big sigh of relief. What I’m concerned about now is Disney cancelling the series after the first season. Tron: Uprising, anyone?

Overall, it was great to hear from Filoni during a dark and troubling time. Most fans have only harsh words for Disney at the moment, myself included. Although he didn’t divulge much of what we wanted to hear, I’m just glad the man is still around to do things right. Again, I don’t have much faith in Disney and how they’re currently handling the franchise.

Star Wars Detours was also discussed and currently sits on a shelf somewhere taking up dust. A clip of Seth Green confirmed that the series had completed FORTY episodes prior to postponement. That’s about two seasons worth of material. What a shame.

Lastly, Filoni also goes into some detail concerning Maul, Ahsoka, and other season five finale details. You can listen to the podcast here.

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  1. Thanks, Jo!!!!!!!!! *listening*

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