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What’s Dave Up To?

UPDATE 5/8/13: According to Justin from Jedi News, these images could simply be a new background for’s 404 Error page. Here’s the background image by itself.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ Supervising Director Dave Filoni dropped an interesting tweet and Facebook post Monday evening, which sent the fans buzzing with new questions.

[tweet width=’500′ align=’center’]

From Facebook:

It’s hard to believe that I have worked at Lucasfilm almost eight years, and this is the first time I have ever gotten to draw a TIE fighter.

TIE Fighter drawing by Dave Filoni from Facebook

Damn it, Dave! What does it all mean? Is this a hint concerning the new animated series? Will it focus on the rise of the Empire, since these TIE fighters are being depicted in construction? So many questions.

Here are some fan comments:

Knowing what I’ve learned of Dave over the run of the Clone Wars, THIS is a tease of special significance.

Rogue Squadron animated series! Mark my words!

. . .rebellion-era series, rebellion-era series, great Maker please rebellion-era series. . .

Looks to me like its a TIE fighter hanging from something in the factory where it was manufactured because the wings are not completed….could be a hint at the new series being set between Ep. III & IV and it may show how the TIE fighters came into existence. Which would be great I think because it means a LOT of stories could STILL be tied up from the Clone Wars. Formation of the Rebellion, how Han and Lando met, Boba Fett getting his suit and Slave I back, Ahsoka and Asajj Ventress eluding the Empire and MAYBE an eventual confrontation between Ahsoka and Vader? Possibilities.

What are your thoughts?

Featured Image Credithyku

1 comment on “What’s Dave Up To?

  1. oh-my-god
    If this new series is focused in that time, I’ll be happy!!! It’s the period I prefer after Clone Wars!

    Thanks for posting it Jo! ^_^

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