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New Animated Series: Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels

An all-new animated series set between the events of Episode III and IV has been announced by What an awesome way to start the week! This new series will be coming to television in 2014 with a one-hour premiere episode on the Disney Channel before it transfers over to Disney XD. Disney XD and I are not best friends, not after they purposefully cancelled Tron: Uprising. Regardless, the Star Wars franchise has a strong fanbase and we can thank Star Wars: The Clone Wars for carrying the torch and continuing the saga for the past five years.

The creative team behind the new series includes supervising director from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Dave Filoni, screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg as an executive producer, and executive producer Greg Weisman (GARGOYLES!). Also returning are key Clone Wars collaborators, including art director Kilian Plunkett and CG supervisor Joel Aron. A first look into the production of the series will take place at Star Wars Celebration Europe this July. More information about the development of the series will also come to us fans through the official Star Wars Rebels Facebook page.

No word yet about how we will see the remaining arcs of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Just because we have a new series rolling through does not mean that we will forget our beloved Clone Wars. Continue showing your support for the series!

To talk more about Star Wars Rebels, here is a video featuring Dave Filoni and Star Wars guru Pablo Hidalgo:

3 comments on “New Animated Series: Star Wars Rebels

  1. this is… this is… OMG!
    I said it, if is not TCW I would love a show focused on the rebel era, my second favourite era in SW, after CW
    If they show us a video in the Celebration I’ll record it!

    • I just sent an ask in your Tumblr inbox about it, haha! Sometimes recording is prohibited and I don’t want you to get into trouble, but if you can write down what you remember or see, I can publish it here on the website! :)

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