LEGO Unveils Giant X-Wing Starfighter in Times Square

LEGO X-wing with life-sized X-wing in background, Times Square, NYC

A dream came true today as I sat in the cockpit of a life-sized X-Wing starfighter built entirely of LEGOs. To celebrate the release of Cartoon Network’s The Yoda Chronicles, the LEGO gods made public the largest LEGO structure ever built with over 5 million LEGO bricks. The iconic starfighter is 11 feet tall, 43 feet long, and 44 feet wide, weighing about 46,000 pounds. Over the course of four months, it took a 32-person team to complete the construction in Kladno, Czech Republic.

The Yoda Chronicles premieres Wednesday, May 29, at 8PM/7PM Central on Cartoon Network with “The Phantom Clone,” the first installment of a three-part series.

LEGO Star Wars X-wing Fighter

LEGO C-3P0 and R2-D2

Me at the LEGO Star Wars X-wing Unveiling

LEGO X-wing Starfighter, Times Square, NYC

Me and Yoda at Times Square, NYC

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1 Comment on LEGO Unveils Giant X-Wing Starfighter in Times Square

  1. WOW! You lucky girl! xddd

    *eriha is jealous*



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