Star Wars at Disney’s D23 Expo

D23 Expo

The D23 Expo is a Disney fan convention, where many future projects are announced and celebrities make appearances. Sponsored by the Walt Disney Company, D23 is the first official Disney fan club for dedicated fans founded in 2009. This year, the D23 Expo will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center from August 9-11.

Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, Star Wars fans are interested to see what Disney has in store following San Diego Comic Con (July 18-21) and Star Wars Celebration Europe (July 26-28). According to recently announced plans, “For the first time at the D23 Expo Star Wars fans can have access to experiences created for them by Lucasfilm and Disney. Darth Vader: The Evolution of a Villain, located in the DCP pavilion, showcases the development of the iconic villain from early concepts to striking realization. Crash Course in the Force: Star Wars Saga 101, presented by Lucasfilm’s resident authority Pablo Hidalgo in Stage 23, will give Star Wars newbies and experts alike a thorough grounding in all matters of the Force and the Star Wars legacy.”

No news about Star Wars: Episode VII, so far. If nothing big is revealed this year, D23 2014 might have something more extensive, similar to the Avengers panel back in 2011.

1 comment on “Star Wars at Disney’s D23 Expo

  1. Well, I’m sure we will have so many SW news in CEII!!

    I’m looking forward to it!!! Can’t wait *o*

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