‘Star Wars’ July 2013 Roundup

Jedi from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars Celebration Europe is just around the corner and fans are eager for news and updates concerning the sequels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Here’s a concise list of updates that surfaced throughout the Web earlier today.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 DVD/Blu-Ray

According to a Facebook post from RebelForce Radio:

[Star Wars: The Clone Wars] Season 5 DVD/Blu Ray release will be announced this Friday. Look for the cover to feature Obi-Wan in his red Mando Death Watch gear. Season 5 will contain video commentaries on every episode which are about 3-6 minutes in length. The Blu-Ray will have the same Jedi Temple Archives early animation and concept art extras like the previous seasons had. The set will be released in the US on 10/15 along with a Collectors Edition featuring all 5 seasons. No word on when the Collectors Edition will be officially announced.

I must say that I am very disappointed about the cover choice. Although the Mauldalore arc was definitely a fan favorite, the most pivotal point of season five was Ahsoka’s tumultuous journey right to the very end. It is another poorly made decision, the fact that Obi-Wan Kenobi gets the spotlight and not Ahsoka.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bonus Content

Again, according to another Facebook post from RebelForce Radio:

No word on “Bonus Content” either.

Season 5 is scheduled to be released in the US on 10/15/13 and WILL NOT include any “Bonus Content” episodes. There is also a Collectors Edition of Seasons 1-5 that will come out at the same time, again no “Bonus Content”, but it will contain a book. This title is scheduled to be announced on 7/26, so it should show up on Amazon on Friday. This season will have a really cool picture of Obi-Wan on the box.

RebelForce Radio also tweeted the following:

I trust RFR. Therefore, to state something like this, the source of information must be legitimate. It will be highly disappointing if fans don’t get any updates concerning the bonus content, especially during an event that is solely dedicated to Star Wars. Here’s hoping that we will get some huge surprise instead, like an entire season rather than just a few bonus arcs (a girl can dream, right?).

RUMOR: Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling for Star Wars: Episode VII?

According to the Latino Review, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio was possibly involved in a meeting for one of the Episode VII roles. However, he stepped out. Other actors Disney is looking into: Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling. Despite my desire for Disney to foster talent and hire fresh new faces for the sequel trilogy, I shouldn’t be surprised that the company is looking into established (and overrated) actors.

Disney Plans New Star Wars Attractions

Disney plans to move ahead and design new Star Wars attractions for the Disney Parks. Teasers of these new projects will be revealed in Disney’s D23 Expo in August.

We have a technology called DISH, which stands for Digital Immersive Showroom, and we’ll show how it’s helped us design several attractions — visitors will be able to virtually ride two attractions, the same way we do when we’re testing them. We’re also going to be doing sneak peeks at upcoming projects – including Disney Springs, the reimagining of Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort. There will be teasers for new attractions based on Avatar and Star Wars that we’re working on now for the Disney Parks.

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