Star Wars Celebration Europe: Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels Logo

With Star Wars Rebels slated to arrive Fall 2014, fans wanted to get an in-depth look of the new animated series. Check out the official liveblog and the press release from Additionally, here is a concise summary of the Star Wars Rebels panel with information provided by the Star Wars Underworld and‘s Twitter accounts:

  • First and foremost, Filoni stated that they are still working on ways to release The Clone Wars bonus content.
  • On the executive producer role, Filoni said, “I do pretty much all the same things I always did on Clone Wars.”
  • Video messages of executive producers Greg Weisman and Simon Kinberg were shown and they introduced themselves to fans.
  • According to Kinberg, “The whole team over at Lucasfilm has been so supportive and so energized…We want new audiences and you, the loyalest audience, to feel [the way OT audiences felt] when you watch the show…Thank you for entrusting this story and these characters to me and my friends.”
  • Filoni stated, “This show will be different from Clone Wars. It’s intentionally going to visually look different.”
  • Since the show will be heavily influenced by Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork, the panel presented McQuarrie’s concept art and discussed how it inspired the development of the series. In addition, the team created a set of digital brushes that replicate Ralph’s painting style.
  • Currently, they’re not yet at the test animation stage, and “[they’re] working as fast as possible” to animate the episodes.
  • Concept art shown of stormtroopers, Star Destroyers, astromech droids, a TIE fighter, and a new Rebel Alliance vehicle, “The Ghost.”
  • Filoni revealed a new Star Wars Rebels logo.
  • Filoni hints at possible appearances of characters from The Clone Wars? “We’ll have new characters and we’ll probably have some characters that you do know.”

Questions and Answers portion:

Q: What is Rebels‘ goal for the number of episodes?
A: Goal right now is finish on time.

Q: Will Star Wars Rebels be told out of order?
A: Filoni explains the reason behind having episodes out of order: George Lucas devising new ideas. “So far, the plan is working” to go in order.

Q: How far out from ROTS will Star Wars Rebels begin?
A: Filoni can’t say.

Q: Will Star Wars Rebels continue The Clone Wars storylines?
A: Filoni demurs. Loves his characters, won’t go beyond that.

Star Wars Rebels Logo
Star Wars Rebels Logo (Source)
Star Wars Rebels Concept Art
Star Wars Rebels Concept Art (Source)
Star Wars Rebels Concept Art
Star Wars Rebels Concept Art (Source)

Also, Star Wars Rebels shirts are now on sale! Make sure to order by August 22, 2013.

Lastly, check out this new Star Wars Rebels pin:

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