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TPZ, the TMZ for the Star Wars Universe

TPZ, Thirty Parsec Zone, a Star Wars Fan Film

Brought to you by @JediTink, this awesome Star Wars fan film is based on TMZ, an American entertainment and gossip news television show. The fan film, entitled “TPZ – A Star Wars Fan Film for Fuzzballs Who Want to Laugh it Up. TMZ in the Star Wars Universe!” is original and clever with its humorous story lines and TMZ/Star Wars impersonations. I especially loved the part when Jar Jar…well, you’d have to watch it to catch up with the latest Star Wars gossip! Support a fellow Star Wars fan and spread the word!

Is Luke Skywalker related to Princess Leia Organa?
Who’d win in a fight – Clone Troopers or Stormtroopers?
Is Anakin’s last name really Starkiller?
And why does Darth Vader hate Tusken Raiders?

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