Ashley Eckstein on Geek Girl Radio

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Geek Girl Radio hosts Lilly, Robyn and Maegen recently interviewed the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the creator of Her Universe, Ashley Eckstein. Ashley talked about various topics, including Disney, cosplaying, her favorite moments in The Clone Wars, the designing process behind Her Universe, international possibilities for Her Universe in the future, expanding her company to incorporate new properties (such as Marvel), and her acting background.

Here are some highlights:

  • Ashley is always open to suggestions through her social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) when it comes to leaving feedback or new ideas. If there is any existing artwork from Del Rey that you are interested in seeing on a future piece for Her Universe, share that with her because the artwork has been approved and it would be easier to work with for future products. She’s currently looking at new designs for new Expanded Universe shirts, so now is the time to tell her what you want!
  • Licensing a new property takes about a year due to the legal process, so if Her Universe is taking on new properties, expect announcements at San Diego Comic Con 2014.
  • The topic of fandoms was introduced during the podcast and Ashley said that her next favorite fandom after Star Wars is Disney, particularly Alice in Wonderland.  She would like to cosplay as Alice one day and add steampunk elements to her version. Also, starting in September, Ashley will be converting her dining room into the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. In terms of fandom, she said that it definitely helps to have a friend introduce you to new fandoms because it can be overwhelming or intimidating, at times. She mentioned Dave Filoni and how she would turn to him to have her Star Wars questions answered. “There’s no way you can know it all,” she said, and Ashley stated that it’s important to ask and to not be afraid to do so.
  • Her Universe is getting ready to come out with two Boba Fett dresses: an A-line dress with Hot Topic (which will be subtle with a fashion twist) and a tank dress with ThinkGeek (which is more of a recreation of Fett’s armor). Additionally, a C-3P0 dress is on the horizon with ThinkGeek and gold Dalek and TARDIS A-line dresses will come out through Hot Topic, all for 2014. Lastly, Her Universe will be coming out with TARDIS and Dalek headbands (one with a lamp and the other with two knobs, respectively) at Hot Topic.
  • Ashley is open to playing Ahsoka Tano again in the future, given the opportunity. She doesn’t know when or where that would be, but be aware that that is not her way of teasing for Star Wars Rebels. Although we all want Ashley to voice Ahsoka in the new series, we truly don’t know what the future has in store.

For more, check out the Geek Girl Radio Podcast, here. The Ashley Eckstein episode is dated August 2, 2013.

Featured Image Credit: Designed by Robyn Lindenmayer

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