Boba Fett Dresses Coming to Her Universe

Ashley Eckstein

Earlier this month, Ashley Eckstein appeared in fangirl podcast Geek Girl Radio and discussed the future of Her Universe.

Her Universe is getting ready to come out with two Boba Fett dresses: an A-line dress with Hot Topic (which will be subtle with a fashion twist) and a tank dress with ThinkGeek (which is more of a recreation of Fett’s armor). Additionally, a C-3P0 dress is on the horizon with ThinkGeek and gold Dalek and TARDIS A-line dresses will come out through Hot Topic, all for 2014.

Ashley gave fans a sneak peek of the Boba Fett dresses over on Instagram, and they will be great additions to her current line of Star Wars material for female fans.

(via Instagram)

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1 Comment on Boba Fett Dresses Coming to Her Universe

  1. Reblogged this on Fangirls in the Force and commented:
    Very excited about this! Boba’s a favorite of mine….can’t wait to see these in person!


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