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Star Wars Rebels: Eight Years After Episode III?

The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels

Brendan Connelly from Movie Podcast recently revealed some exciting news concerning Star Wars Rebels. Specifically located at 23:40, Connelly transitioned from Star Wars: Episode VII news to discuss the setting of the highly anticipated new animated series. We all know that the program will take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, a twenty-year time period. However, we now know an additional detail and Connelly is pretty confident about the information.

At New York Comic Con in October, they will be revealing more information about Star Wars Rebels, but I can tell you some of what they’ll be revealing now…Luke Skywalker would be about seven or eight, but he’s not a character in it…the Empire is gaining ground and come to a planet to set up base. A bunch of teenagers there don’t get in line and some of the parents do, and they go with it. They become good citizens of the Empire, as it were. So these teenagers go on the run on a ship called the Ghost. Rebels refers to them both as being part of the Rebel Alliance, or seed the acorn that will grow on to be the Rebel Alliance…

The premise actually reminded me of Marvel’s comic book series, Runaways, created by author Brian K. Vaughan. The series focuses on a group of teenagers, who discover that their parents are part of an evil crime group. The teenagers run away, hence the title, and decide to thwart the evil intentions of their parents and dedicate themselves to do good. Sounds familiar, right? I’m actually quite excited!

Connelly also mentioned that we should expect to see the Ghost ship as a toy to accompany the marketing. There’s no doubt that a variety of toys will be produced based on the series. Most animated programs often rely on the sales figures of the merchandise in order to sustain the series.

The podcast also discusses the following Star Wars news:

  • Star Wars Blu-ray/DVD combo packs coming October 8
  • Casting for a possible Wookiee
  • Peter Mayhew and Chewbacca
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt as Han Solo?

Listen here.

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