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Star Wars Rebels IMDb Page

Star Wars Rebels IMDb Page

IMDb is not the most reliable tool when it comes to following the updates of future projects, but I recently caught some changes made to the Star Wars Rebels IMDb page. Back in July 2013, it was brought to my attention that Tim Curry and Matt Sloan had been added as rumored voice actors. Last week, we discovered through The Hollywood Reporter that certain actors were in talks to join the voice cast of the upcoming television series, which included David Oyelowo, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray and Steven Jay Blum. IMDb currently lists four out of the five actors, excluding Freddie Prinze Jr. from the mix.

The full cast page doesn’t list him either, but it does state that three of those actors are “in talks,” while Steve Blum appears to be in the clear. Once again, nothing is confirmed until the announcement officially comes from Lucasfilm.

Star Wars Rebels IMDb

Personally, I really hope Freddie Prinze Jr. is part of the cast list. As expressed in my previous post about the five actors possibly involved with this future project, I am a big fan of his and I’d like to see his take on a character from the Star Wars universe.

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