Thursday at New York Comic Con 2013

Star Wars Programming at NYCC, Thursday

New York Comic Con is finally here! Although the show floor didn’t open until 3PM, the halls of NYCC were buzzing with press, VIPs, and other professionals. Regular con-goers began to fill up the queue hall around 1PM, itching to stroll through the show floor aisles, acquiring a sketch or two from their favorite artists, and grabbing various items of swag along the way.

I first made my way over to the Dark Horse booth because I wanted to grab the limited edition The Star Wars comic. From there, I scurried over to the Del Rey/Random House booth, where I grabbed some awesome Star Wars posters and the Krayt Dragon key chain. Following that, I went to visit the Nerd HQ booth, since this is their first year at NYCC! There, I found Zachary Levi and the cast of Haven. Took pictures with all of them and contributed some funds for charity, which is always a great thing to do!

I also caught up with writer, author and fellow fangirl Tricia Barr (@fangirlcantina)! I thank her so much for introducing me to Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the creator of Her Universe. It was a wonderful experience talking to two amazing and wonderful women, and I love the fact that Star Wars brought us together!

Overall, Thursday at New York Comic Con was an absolute blast! Click on the image below to view some pictures from my day at the Javits Center. Looking forward to the rest of the show!

Star Wars Programming at NYCC, Thursday
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2 comments on “Thursday at New York Comic Con 2013

  1. Great!!! So you have finally met Ashley! She’s sososos nice!

    I’m so glad for you ^^ Have a nice weekend there!!!!

    *time to like all the photos!!!*

    • Omg, I thought I replied to this! Anyway, yes, I met her and she’s so lovely! So, so sweet! I had a great weekend there. Just wish I had more money. I was practically broke, but I still had a wonderful time! I wish I could have gotten you something! You were in my thoughts, though! :D *HUGS*

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