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Interesting Quote from Republic Commando: True Colors

Star Wars - Republic Commando: Hard Conctact
Rebels Rex by engelha5t
Rebels Rex Fan Art by engelha5t

Currently reading Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss, and I’m enjoying every part of it. While reading the book on the train on my way to work, there was an introductory quote for chapter eight on page 179 that really caught my attention. In the mass of news that flowed out from the Star Wars Rebels panel this past weekend at New York Comic Con, there was a brief portion that focused on the clones and their fate following the events from Revenge of the Sith. Although the clones will not be donning the stormtrooper kits, some have remained in the ranks to train the new generation of soldiers.

During the events that transpire in Republic Commando: True Colors, Chancellor Palpatine sends a message to all of the ARC troopers, commanders, and GAR commando units on Republic Day, specifying the following, “Soldiers of the Grand Army, in honor of your courage and service in the fight against oppression, you shall want for nothing, and become instructors of the next generation of young men to defend the Republic.” Even in the expanded universe, we find that the efficiency and experience of the clones doesn’t expire after the war ends. Other roles are assigned to them, including the position of instructor, as we will see in Star Wars Rebels.

I know everyone is really excited to know more about the main characters, but personally, I’m dying to know more about the clones during this time period. Specifically, who’s training these new recruits? Call me obsessed, but I blame Star Wars: The Clone Wars for pulling me in and making me fall in love with the clones.

Here’s hoping we see old, familiar faces. Maybe we’ll even find a clone trainer slipping inside information to our heroes of the series. The possibilities are endless.

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