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Ashley Eckstein and the Women of Transformers: Prime

Arcee from Transformers: Prime

Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the creator of Her Universe, recently interviewed the women behind Transformers: Prime for the “Year of the Fangirl.” From the voice actors to production, the list of talented women includes voice actors Tania Gunadi and Sumalee Montano, writers Nicole Dubuc and Mairghread Scott, producer Therese Trujillo, production coordinator Meredith Rodgers, the head of post production Austin Block, and the animatics editor Meghan Burleson.

Learn what these wonderful women do behind the scenes and what advice they have to offer you to follow your dreams in these fields.

UPDATE, 11/13/2013: Check out Ashley’s blog post over at Her Universe.

Part One: Voice Acting

Part Two: Writing

Part Three: Production

Part Four: Post Production

Featured Image Credit: Hasbro Studios

2 comments on “Ashley Eckstein and the Women of Transformers: Prime

  1. Very interesting post! Thank you for sharing those interviews! I had a great time watching them. While I turned toward research during the past few years and hope to engage in university teaching as soon as I can, my background in media production started to titillate me again as I listened to those women talk about their jobs. These were so inspiring to watch!

    • I really love that Ashley takes time to highlight women in these positions in media because I’m sure there are many young girls and women out there seeking out advice and models to look up to. Very inspiring to watch, indeed!

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