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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bonus Content Details Revealed

Tup from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Some exciting news about the remaining episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars surfaced earlier today. Star Wars fan Podjazd posted some details in the “TCW Bonus Material Episode Discussion” thread over at forums about a recent Star Wars event that divulged fascinating new details about TCW bonus content. The event was organized by the Star Wars Artistic Team (S.W.A.T.) , a Polish non-profit charity organization, specializing in creating exclusive events and making them accessible to Polish Star Wars fans.

The latest S.W.A.T. event was held on November 23, 2013, at the Center for the Arts in Fort Sokolnickiego in Warsaw, Poland. At the occasion, children are given the opportunity to view episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, play a number of games, take part in competitions, and win prizes. Participants also had the opportunity to view a trailer about the bonus content, which S.W.A.T. mistakenly calls the sixth season, “The main surprise of the day will present never before published material related to the new, already the sixth season of the Clone Wars. Every Star Wars fan must see!”

Credit: Star Wars Action Team (Source)

Present at the event was a Disney Poland representative, working closely with the organizers of S.W.A.T.

According to this portion of the event, the remaining episodes will collectively be called “The Lost Missions” and will consist of 10 episodes, which will air on Disney XD–in Poland, at least. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the bonus content having 10 episodes. Back in June 2013, Full of Sith interviewed composer Kevin Kiner, who stated, “We have about ten shows that we’re still working on that are going to be part of this special material.” With this number in mind, fans quickly took to Twitter and sought some feedback from Pablo Hidalgo. One fan asked whether the details leaking from Poland were accurate. Hidalgo replied and said, “Sounds cool. And yeah, I recognize pieces from upcoming episodes. If there’s a trailer, I’d love to see it!” In a separate tweet, he also said, “Not sure where ’10 episode’ comes from either. That number sounds too low.”

Two videos were shown to fans: one summarized all five seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the second was a trailer for the bonus content. No video recording was allowed at the event, but a description was gathered. Instead of copying and pasting the rough translation, I’ll summarize the points as best as possible for an easier read. Please be aware that the following contains spoilery material. The original post can be found over at Bastion Polskich Fanow Star Wars.

  • The trailer began with a dark, damp fog covering a planet. It was accompanied by the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn saying, “You must go to the Dagobah (?), where you will find your answers.”
  • A succession of scenes followed. One featured an old master (Yoda?) walking on red, dust-covered rocks (Korriban?). Then, he fought a mysterious cloaked character, who equipped with a red lightsaber. In another scene, Yoda was approached by a floating “thing” that covered in smoke and fire. There was also a scene with Yoda jumping on floating platforms that led to a giant tree, which had a Mortis feel to it. Lastly, there was Yoda talking with a group of representatives from a species we haven’t seen before with round, white and maroon faces and golden eyes.
  • Oppo Rancisis, whose maquette we’ve seen before in a blog post written by Dave Filoni, was present at a Jedi Council meeting.
  • “Members of the steel circle over Yoda and bent over him.” I couldn’t quite figure this one out. It might be members of the Jedi Order circle around Yoda and bend over him. He does end up at the infirmary in that bonus content clip shown at Star Wars Weekends this past summer. Perhaps he was afflicted with something and sent straight to the infirmary, where he then asked Anakin for his assistance to escape.
  • One scene showed ghosts (Force ghosts?) of Jedi in some sort of a battle.
  • On Kamino, helmeted cadets are shown in the process of learning in front of consoles. Shaak Ti also makes an appearance. Clone trooper Tup, who shot down one of the Jedi in that Admiral Trench/Order 66 clip, is tied down to a bed and thrashing about. Voices in the background mentioned that Tup “does not remember the day it happened.” A medical droid summoned Fives and called him “CT-5555.” Fives expressed and pointed out that clones have names and that the practice of naming each other is important to them.
  • Darth Sidious appears as a hologram and contacts Lama Su and other Kaminoans to say, “The truth of Order 66 cannot come to light” or ” They can never learn the truth about Order 66.”
  • Mother Talzin was also in the trailer and appears to use her magic. She’s also seen fighting someone with a blue blade–the original post suggests that it could be Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • A new Separatist machine is revealed. It resembles an aqua droid, but painted red.
  • Count Dooku fights with two blue-bladed figures. Most likely, Anakin and Obi-Wan.
  • Padme stood before the Muun’s court and one of them shouted, “You’re under arrest!”
  • New shots also showed the Embo chase on the ice planet.
  • Mace Windu fights with giant droids.
  • A hologram displaying the silhouette of a man with black hair in a Jedi robe, which appears to be very similar to Sifo-Dyas in the Star Wars comic book, “Eyes of the Revolution.”

Ten episodes does sound too low. Based on the description of the trailer, the arcs appear to be the Clovis arc, the Yoda/Sifo-Dyas arc, and the Admiral Trench/Order 66 arc. According to writer Matt Michnovetz, both the Order 66 and Yoda arcs are four episodes, leaving the Clovis arc as a three-episode arc. That would be eleven episodes.

It looks like the bounty hunters arc written by Michnovetz, which was supposed to star Boba Fett, Cad Bane, Aurra Sing and other bounty hunters, did not make the cut. This was also meant to be a four-episode arc, according to Michnovetz. Pablo did say that the number 10 did seem low to him, so I’m hoping the Disney Poland representative didn’t have the most updated information.

Lastly, the bonus content is set to appear on Disney XD–at least, in Poland. There was some talk a few months ago about receiving the bonus content through Apple TV. Hearing the possibility of it debuting on Disney XD in Poland gives me hope that we’ll also have the same setup back in the States.

As recently announced by Dave Filoni, we should be expecting the bonus content early 2014. I honestly can’t wait! What are you looking forward to the most? I’m a big fan of the clones, so I’m emotionally preparing myself for that Order 66 arc. It’ll be exciting to have TCW back on the air, even if it’s only for a few episodes.

Big thanks to Pete Morrison of Lightsaber Rattling and Rebels Report for bringing this piece of news to light.

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  3. I can’t wait!!
    Like you, I’m looking forward for that 66 arc!!

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