Star Wars Rebels: Weisman Speaks, Filoni Sketches, and Girls are Present!

Greg Weisman in a Star Wars Rebels meeting

If you missed it yesterday, the official Star Wars Twitter account released what seems to be the first of a series of videos introducing the crew behind Star Wars Rebels, starting off with executive producer Greg Weisman.

One of my favorite parts of the video was seeing executive producer Dave Filoni, previously supervising director for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, sketching away during a meeting. Brent Friedman, writer for The Clone Wars, recently talked about the behind-the-scenes creative process for Star Wars: The Clone Wars in Rebels Report and how Filoni often sketched during the meetings. It’s great to see that Dave has continued that practice, especially since it informs the writing process for Star Wars Rebels.

The best part was—I’d love to know if this is how they’re doing Rebels—was that during the whole story break process, Dave Filoni would be largely silent until something came up that he didn’t agree with or something came up that he loved and wanted to embellish, but what he would be doing the whole time was drawing. As we were talking about scenes, by the time they went up on the board, Dave had often time done a whole storyboard of a sequence or he had done this beautiful piece of artwork that was this key moment from the scene or from the episode. When we got our packet to do our arcs, it would also include all of Dave’s artwork that he did during the story break for our particular episodes and arcs. That was really helpful because he brought a lot of stuff to life and helped us visualize what we were trying to write in many cases.

Dave Filoni at a Star Wars Rebels meeting

Dave Filoni sketching away as Greg Weisman speaks.

Weisman has also published a new novel, entitled Rain of the Ghosts, featuring a young female protagonist. I will definitely be picking this up for the holiday season. Along that same topic, Star Wars Rebels will have two female main characters, as mentioned in the latest Star Wars Insider #146. How awesome is that?! More females joining the ranks is definitely something that Star Wars needs as well as a little diversity, so I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the cast as things move forward.

(via Club Jade)

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