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December 18, 2013: Two Years Until Star Wars VII

Star Wars: Episode VII

Today is December 18, 2013. That means that there are two more years until Star Wars: Episode VII debuts on the big screen.

When the release date was announced in early November and I relayed the news to my staff at work, my student library assistant turned to me and asked, “So that means you won’t be here [working]?” He’s right. I plan to be on the queue for the midnight release. It’ll be a cold December day, so I’ll make sure to be bundled up with all of my Star Wars garb.

I’m looking forward to meeting many Star Wars fans that night. I’m also preparing myself mentally for the inevitable critics that will take to the Web and pick at the details. I can’t wait to take a seat and travel back to that galaxy far, far away.

I’m glad we’ll have Star Wars Rebels to hold us over. The next decade will be an exciting one for Star Wars fans everywhere.

What are you looking forward to the most? What are some elements, themes or characters that you’d like to see in Episode VII? Share them in the comments section below.

11 comments on “December 18, 2013: Two Years Until Star Wars VII

  1. I want to see a strong female lead, either as a Jedi or a gunfighter. A non-human lead would be great too since this world is diverse in the type of life it has. If Ahsoka can help lead a series, than a non human character can lead a movie.

    • I would loooove to see a non-human lead. It’s a pretty big galaxy and these guys should be front and center. You bring up a spectacular point and I hope we see it come to light!

      • I do too! It seems all the great non human characters have always been secondary. Chewie and Yoda to a certain extent, I mean we never even get a translation of what Chewie is saying! And non human characters populate the background, just look at Mos Eisley or Mos Espa for cryin’ out loud! Clone Wars did a great job of bringing some of them to the forefront, even if only for a few episodes, and I think Rebels should follow that lead.

      • I heard a rumor that one of the leads was actually going to be a Togruta and if that’s true, you know it’ll be based on how popular Ahsoka was.

        • I hope beyond all hope that this rumor is true. We need to have some diversity in those ranks and a Togruta front and center will be a true delight! Ahsoka is an absolute gem and her character has done wonders for the female community. I would love to see this come true on the big screen!

  2. I’ll probably be freezing as well. Join the club.

    Question though – what is your view on spoilers? For? Against? How much are you going to read about VII before it’s actually released?

    • Great question! I’m love spoilers. That said, I don’t like ruining things for other people, so I hold off until a reasonable amount of time has passed. I like knowing things before they happen and before they reach the masses. I’ll probably read all that I can about the movie before going in, but I’m sure I’ll be just as surprised and in awe when I go and see it! How about you? Are you for or against them?

      • It’s a hard question because when the Prequels came out, it was a lot easier for me to avoid spoilers. And I’m pretty anti-spoiler, but loving Star Wars as much as I do and following it as closely as I do, it’ll be hard to avoid them this time around. Especially with twitter.
        I’m still going to try to remain as spoiler free as possible with VII, but I don’t know how that’s going to go. I don’t mind knowing character names and actors, etc…I just don’t like knowing the ENTIRE plot. I like to be relatively surprised on the plot front, I guess. Everything else, like concept art, ships, characters, etc are fine with me.

        • I completely understand. This generation is so connected and involved in social media that it’s hard to escape spoilers. Disney and Abrams run a tight ship, so here’s hoping nothing too vital slips and ruins it for those that want the genuine surprise.

  3. I can’t wait to be 2 years from now. It is funny that I have no idea where I’m going to be by then, but I know I will go see Star Wars Episode VII and it makes me quite excited.

    I am pretty open minded about what it will be, though I’m still expecting epicness, great visuals, good characters, heroism, galactic conflict, well I’m expecting Star Wars. I know that’s pretty vague but it’s how I really feel about it.

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