Star Wars is On My Turf Now: Tumblr!

The Official Star Wars Tumblr

Star Wars is adding more social media tools under its belt. Earlier in December, Darth Vader joined the 21st century by taking a selfie and uploaded that to the new Star Wars Instagram account. Today we discovered that Star Wars has now joined Tumblr, my “I’m up to no good” little corner of the Web.

I’ve been a Tumblr user since March 2010, and I’ve been attached to it ever since–well, not really. My first account started off as a place to express my love for football (soccer). Although I’m still a fan of the sport and I support my favorite teams, my tastes evolved and I branched out into the world of fandoms. For much of 2011, I was an avid Marvel fan and got to meet some great people online. However, I got to see an uglier side of fan communities–and an ugly side of myself. I stepped away for a few months and decided to come back in secret. Let’s face it, Tumblr is a very addicting place. I’m impressed that I stayed away for as long as I did.

Anyway, from there I created my second account. I started from scratch and I’ve kept it “secret” from that point going forward. It’s not really all that secret if you look hard enough, but I like to keep it under wraps as much as I can because that’s the place I turn to for ranting and expressing my opinion in ways that I can’t do here or on Twitter. If you really want to follow me on Tumblr, just keep a close eye on the GIF-makers in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars tags. I GIF from time to time, but most of my GIF-ing took place during the fifth season back when the series was on air. That’s all I’ll say on that.

So that’s what I mean by Star Wars now being on my turf. It’s a place that I truly connect with, and I’ve met many great Star Wars fans on that site. We’re all excited that there is an official Tumblr now, especially with what’s in store for us in the future.

Anyway, enough about me! Let’s talk about this awesome Tumblr template. Every time you visit the Star Wars Tumblr, you are greeted with a different piece of art. So far, I’ve only counted five.

Artwork by Shan Jiang

Artwork by Shan Jiang

Artwork by Frank Stockton

Artwork by Frank Stockton

Artwork by Martin Ansin

Artwork by Martin Ansin

Artwork by Rich Kelly

Artwork by Rich Kelly

Artwork by Rich Kelly

Artwork by Rich Kelly

The Tumblr will serve as a place to share concept art, behind-the-scenes material, posters, and of course, GIFs–the main thing Tumblr is known for!

Concept art of Star Wars Rebels was released earlier today. It’s been labeled as new, but we’ve seen the art before in a propaganda poster from the Sienar Fleet Systems website. As my partner in crime, Jason Ward of, said, “But it wasn’t supersized!” True, although we have seen it before, this post gave us a super-sized version to take in more of the detail.

Star Wars Rebels Concept Art of Lothal

You can view this larger version by going to the main Tumblr page and clicking on the image. An enhanced viewer will appear.

Like the rest of you, I’m excited to see what other bits of the Star Wars universe we’ll get down the line, especially on Tumblr.

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2 Comments on Star Wars is On My Turf Now: Tumblr!

  1. This is exciting! I’m now following the Star Wars Tumblr. I enjoy browsing Tumblr, but it does tend to suck you in for long periods of time looking at all the fandom stuff.


  2. There are so many pretties on Tumblr, though I never joined it. I tried creating an account once and it was 1) confusing me to crazy degrees 2) too much of a black hole. So, I’ve stayed away from it, except when checking a couple of things there through online search. Between 2012 and 2013 I also cut down on a lot of online things to refocus on the places/platforms that were really fun and/or useful to me. :)

    *keeps staring at the pretties anyway*


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