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“The Lost Missions” Coming March 2014?

Tup from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Tumblr is my source for new and exciting things lately!

Browsing through the Clone Wars tags, I found this post by a fellow Tumblr user and Clone Wars fan. There was no source, so I immediately began to investigate where these posters originated from. I initially thought they were fan art, but the March date motivated me to find out more about them.

After a few searchers, I found myself over at the Disney Wiki, where lo and behold, were these two posters:

Take note that there’s still no source attached to the poster images. I can’t exactly determine when exactly the posters were added, but it appears they were added during the weekend of December 20, 2013.

So according to the posters, the bonus content will come to us via Disney XD in March 2014. Dave Filoni stated back in early October that production ended with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and that fans should expect the content to appear sometime in early 2014.

Until official confirmation comes from Disney and Lucasfilm, we can’t really take these posters as fact, especially since there is no source attached to them. Stay tuned as the story develops.

(via Disney Wiki)

4 comments on ““The Lost Missions” Coming March 2014?

  1. That would be nice! Keep us updated…

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