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New Star Wars Magazine Coming March 2014

Star Wars Magazine cover cropped

UPDATE, 1/7/2014: As I had suspected, issue #22 for Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the last issue. Star Wars Books no longer has issues #23 and #24 listed. Thus, The Clone Wars magazine has come to an end. I tweeted them and they replied that the new Star Wars #1 magazine will be kicking off in the UK first and US will get it later on in March. Continue reading for clarification.

The good news is that a new Star Wars magazine is set to arrive on March 19, 2014. Published by Titan Magazines, it appears it will be done in the same style as the Star Wars: The Clone Wars magazine, which is aimed towards children.

An all-new #1! The entire Star Wars galaxy comes together in a brand-new magazine from a galaxy far, far away! Featuring Clone Wars heroes rubbing shoulders with fan favorites from the movie universe – and an awesome mix of posters, puzzles, and comic strips – Star Wars Magazine is officially cooler than Hoth! Yoda be mad to miss it!

The bad news is (and this is conjecture) that it’ll probably mark the end of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars magazine (comic in the United Kingdom), which has been published bi-monthly since October 2010 in the United States and monthly since November 2009 in the UK. After the Emmy Award winning series was cancelled in March 2013, it only makes sense that the end of the publication would eventually follow.

Although there is no official word on its status, Star Wars Books has what appears to be a complete listing of the latest Star Wars: The Clone Wars US magazines (and UK comics). The final monthly comic released in the UK ended with issue #54, entitled “Hotshot,” in December 2013. The latest bi-monthly magazine published in the US is issue #21 (November/December 2013), entitled “The Runaway Bride/Paradise Lost.”

Here’s my theory based on some facts…

In the UK, “The Runaway Bride” was issue #50 and “Paradise Lost” was issue #52–both made up issue #21 in the US. Issues #49 (“Seeds”) and #51 (“Deadly Allies”) appeared at the 20th issue in the US publication, leaving issues #53 (“Update”) and #54 (“Hotshot”) to be converted into a US bi-monthly magazine. So far so good or am I confusing you? Don’t worry, I’m confusing myself.

Basically, I believe US issue #22 (January/February), which is scheduled to go on sale on January 8, will include content from UK issues #53 and #54–the last two issues of the UK publication. With the announcement of this new magazine, I don’t think there’ll be an issue #23 (March/April) or #24 (May/June), since the dates have yet to be announced and the UK run has ended. I could be wrong and see one or both of these issues mentioned in the next solicitation or when online comic book store TFAW (Things From Another World) updates the collection, but that’s my current take on the topic. Since no images or information have been released about these two issues, it could very well mean that the last issue is #23, which will then be followed by this new Star Wars #1 magazine in March.

Again, this is all conjecture. The save up to 20% holiday subscription offer is still available on the Titans Magazine site for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars magazine, so I may be completely wrong. However, production on The Clone Wars series has come to an end, so it’s only a matter of time before the official magazine follows the same road.

As for the content of this new magazine, it seems it’ll cover various aspects of the Star Wars universe, including Clone Wars and the films. I was hoping there would be a Star Wars Rebels magazine to accompany the new animated series. Perhaps this new magazine will include those details, while also introducing children to the new sequel trilogy. We’ll have to wait and see!

(via Jedi News)

2 comments on “New Star Wars Magazine Coming March 2014

  1. You’re talking about the Star Wars Insider or is this some other magazine?

    • Star Wars Insider is another magazine owned by Titan Magazines. That one seems to be on the safe side right now. The Star Wars: The Clone Wars magazine is also owned by Titan Magazines, but is geared more towards kids and this new magazine will also be for that age group.

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