Fan Artist Spotlight: misao-chan

Pilot Fight by misao chan

Today’s spotlight is on misao-chan! You can find misao-chan on deviantART.

I believe the first time I saw misao-chan’s artwork was on Tumblr. Someone had posted “Pilot Fight,” and I remember laughing because the situation was all too realistic! What got me the most was Anakin commenting in the background that he was the best pilot.

Pilot Fight by misao-chan

Respond in the comments section below with your favorite pilot and enjoy the first fan artist spotlight of 2014!

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a whimsically deranged animation production student and web cartoonist who’s also aspiring to be a fiction author. My interests inside of Star Wars include Jedi, Mandalorians, aliens, and spoofing Sith. My interests outside of Star Wars include dinosaurs, robots, Scotland, and Tolkien. In the middle of that Venn diagram is concept design (creatures, cultures, machines, worlds, etc.).

When and how did you become a Star Wars fan?
I became a Star Wars fan pretty late in the game: when Episode I came out. I had never had any interest in the franchise as a kid, but TPM sparked my curiosity about the SW universe, and before I knew it I was buying Essential Guides and writing terrible fanfiction. One of those things is still true. I no longer buy Essential Guides.

What tools do you use to create your art?
I work in both traditional and digital media. My favorite traditional media are micron pens and brush pens coupled with marker or watercolor. Sometimes I’ll dip into colored pencil, but not so much nowadays. I also enjoy the occasional painting with acrylics. As far as digital media, I use openCanvas for painting, and Manga Studio for cartooning or if I want to give my art a crisper look than oC allows for. I generally only use Flash for animation work.

What is your favorite Star Wars piece that you have created and why are you fond of it?
Asking me to pick a favorite picture is like asking me to pick a favorite child! But I guess if I had to choose one to show off here, it would be this one: “KotOR: Not Quite Sith Material (below).” It’s my Revan in a nutshell. And those terentateks were really fun to draw.

KoTOR: Not Quite Sith Material by misao-chan

What’s the best and worst thing about being an artist?
The best thing about being an artist is being able to do what you love. I think everybody has the capacity to be an artist, to create wonderful things, but so many of us get that creative drive squashed by various sources in our lives. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from following your dreams.

The worst thing about being an artist is the lack of validity in today’s society. If you tell people you’re an artist, you generally get one of two polarized reactions. Either people get really excited and start asking you questions about what you do, or they look at you funny and make some sort of disparaging remark. It’s strange that the things artists create are so enjoyed and venerated by the population at large, while at the same time there exists something of a social stigma against the artists themselves. We’re people making a living just like everyone else.

Are you looking forward to the future Star Wars films? What are your hopes or worries?
I look forward to them with detached interest. I am curious as to what’s going to be made of them, how they will connect with and interact with the extant canon and what sort of new developments they will bring to the universe. My hope is, of course, that they’ll be good movies and something SW fans and regular moviegoers alike can enjoy. My fear is that they won’t stay true to the spirit of the franchise, and that they’ll go the route of so many other films these days and try to be flashy and edgy rather than tell a compelling story in a well-orchestrated manner.

Any final thoughts?
Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and may the Force be with you all!

And may the Force be with you! Good luck with your future endeavors, and I look forward to seeing more Star Wars fan art from you in the future!

6 comments on “Fan Artist Spotlight: misao-chan

  1. Oh I love this! Thanks for doing these spotlights. I don’t follow fan art at all so it will be great to be introduced to some.

  2. nice drawings, i’m going to see more from her :)

  3. Who is the character in the middle?

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