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February Debut of the Bonus Content in Germany?

Tup from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

When it comes to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars bonus content, which contains the remaining arcs of the Emmy Award winning series, official updates have been far and few in between with the last official word coming from supervising director Dave Filoni back in October 2013. Unofficial news, however, has kept the fan community talking and speculating about plot lines, release dates and anything else you could imagine. In late November 2013, a description of a Polish trailer released at a Star Wars event organized by the Star Wars Artistic Team (S.W.A.T.) gave us an unofficial glimpse of the bonus content. Details from that trailer ranged from Yoda exploring an unknown planet to Darth Sidious contacting Lama Su about Order 66.

Recently, news about the bonus content surfaced again in the form of a press release from the German television network Super RTL. Apparently, the channel will begin airing the remaining episodes starting on Saturday, February 15. The rough translation of the press release revealed this short summary:

The Jedi Order is desperately trying to defeat the Separatists under the cunning Dooku to save the Galactic Republic. But Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano are often outnumbered as the droid armies of the Separatists are cheap to replace and easy. Only through courage, cohesion and ingenuity, [they] can manage to end the war and to bring lasting peace to the galaxy. Master Yoda [has] a special mission to fulfill as a devious enemy from the past could soon have a mystical weapon with tremendous strength. To prevent this, Master Yoda embarks on a long journey in which he will explain the disappearance of a fellow Jedi to reveal the secret of his hidden enemy.

Additionally, the German fan site Star Wars Union reported more details about the upcoming bonus content, which includes episode titles and descriptions:

Condition Unknown (Unknown)
Clone cadet Tup [is] suffering from a serious nervous disorder, which ultimately causes the death of a Jedi Master. To find out the motives for the attack, Tup is sent for examination back to Kamino. Anakin is a member of the monitoring teams, but then they are attacked by Separatists.

Conspiracy (Conspiracy)
Clone cadet Tup is examined in the sterile laboratories of Kamino to find out the reasons for his shocking attack on the Jedi Master. For this, the cadet must have Fives penetrate deep into his mind. [There, Fives] stumbles upon a hidden code-manipulation cloning program in the Republic.

Flight reflex (Fugitive)
The body of the clone cadet Tup is brought to Coruscant, where he is to be investigated by the personal physicians of the Registrar. Cadet Fives [assigns himself] to investigate and finds out that a modified code was hidden in the brains of all clones.

Commands (Orders)
Fives continues to look for answers to the mysterious act of clone cadet Tup. He seeks personal conversation with Palpatine, but [he is] suddenly accused of trying to assassinate the Chancellor. Then take (?) Fives escapes.

An Old Friend (An Old Friend)
While she dwells on the planet Scipio to establish a relief mission, Padme Amidala is called by Rush Clovis to help. Clovis is afraid of the bounty hunter Embo because he wants to take action against corruption on his planet. Together with Padme, he tries to leave the planet and get help.

Clovis’ Advancement (The Rise Of Clovis)
Back on Coruscant, Clovis is appointed chief of his clan pervaded by corruption due to a dubious trade. Anakin’s distrust of Clovis creates tension in his relationship with Padme.

Resuscitation (Crisis At The Heart)
Once [he] has entered into a pact with Count Dooku, Clovis suddenly finds himself at war again. As he brought the war to his home planet Scipio, the Republic must intervene.

Lost (Part 1) (The Disappeared (Part 1))
The peaceful world Bardotta is threatened by an ancient prophecy, but now of the spiritual leaders of the people are gone by the earth. Therefore, the inhabitants of the planet call their ambassadors to the Senate for help. And Jar Jar Binks actually manages Jedi Master Mace Windu of the importance of the task to convince…

Lost (Part 2) (The Disappeared (Part 2))
For a dark prophecy to be fulfilled, a mysterious cult kidnapped Julia, Queen of the planet Bardotta. Now Jedi Master Mace Windu and the Senate Representative Jar Jar Binks need to make every effort to stop the cult. If they should not succeed, the cult could unleash an ominous power…

Tracks (The Lost One)
Jedi Master SifoDyas died under mysterious circumstances years ago. As a secret Jedi mission finds his lightsaber by accident, Master Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker start to investigate the death of SifoDyas again. So they would not get to the bottom of the Sith conspiracy, Darth Sidious orders his subordinate Darth Tyranus to erase all the traces.

Voices (Voices)
Yoda is deeply confused when he hears the voice of his late friend, QuiGon Jinn in his head. For he knows that even a Jedi can not speak from the realm of the dead to the living. The Jedi Council is irritated by Yoda’s behavior and wants to examine it in more detail. But with the help of Anakin Yoda can escape from the hospital and puts himself on the search for the source of the voice.

Fate (Destiny)
Guided by the Force, Yoda travels to the heart of the galaxy. There, on the planet where he finds the origin of the Force, he must face difficult trials. Only upon passing them will the Sages deem him worthy of learning the deepest mysteries of the Force…

Sacrifice (Sacrifice)
On Moriband, the homeworld of the Sith, the time has come for Yoda to pass his final test. Only then will he learn the best-kept secret of his order, but first a most powerful enemy awaits…

In total, there are thirteen episodes. I had originally assumed eleven episodes: Order 66 arc (4 episodes), Yoda/Sifo-Dyas arc (4 episodes) and the Clovis arc (three episodes).

On Saturday, January 11, Super RTL aired the entire Onderon arc. The Young Jedi arc will premiere on Saturday, January 18, and all of this will lead up to bonus content final episodes on February 15. That said, there is still no official news about it premiering in the United States and Canada.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the Order 66 arc the most. As a die-hard clone trooper fan, I have many concerns revolving our favorite troopers. I have a bad feeling that Tup won’t survive this “nervous disorder” mainly because of the rough translation, where he is described as just “the body of clone trooper Tup.” This gives me the impression that he dies during the investigation process. I can’t begin to explain the level of hurt I feel just thinking about that. Tup was first introduced in the Umbara arc, and he certainly became one of the most memorable clones with the tied up bun and tear tattoo. It breaks my heart knowing that he went through this traumatic experience and that he’ll potentially die under bright lights and a wide array of examination needles and nodes.

Fives is another concern of mine. He reminds me of the republic commandos from Karen Traviss’ novels with that hard mentality and rich personality. I find it interesting that he is the one that discovers this secret programming and not Rex. However, we know that Rex will survive this arc based on Brent Friedman’s interview with Rebels Report, where he explained that Rex and R2-D2 had an arc in a later season. Fives’ story, based on the descriptions, resembles that of Ahsoka’s trial and escape. Unlike her, however, my bad feeling also tells me that Fives won’t survive this discovery, even though I really want him to run off into the sunset and live out the remainder of his life as he sees fit. However, that would be one hell of a secret to know about and still manage to have the luck to escape the clutches of Palpatine. Fives has such a fiery spirit, and I’d hate to see that go to waste. Order are orders, though, so if his brothers are given the task to track and hunt him down, I don’t see an easy escape for Fives–UNLESS, he has a group of brothers come through for him in the end, and together, this small band of brothers defect from the army.

My mind is obviously trying to put a happy spin on this arc, but I don’t think that’ll happen. Many of my close Star Wars buddies also feel the same trepidation, so this arc will be our emotional undoing, especially for us clone-lovers. The Umbara arc was just a preview for what’s to come. In that particular arc, we saw a fresh batch of clones, so I hope we’ll see more familiar faces throughout this arc. I know I spotted Rex and Kix in the background of that Tup and Admiral Trench preview. I wonder what role they will play in all of this and if Fives will have alliances or end up fighting this on his own.

According to Pete Morrison of Lightsaber Rattling, Super RTL is partially owned by the RTL Group and Disney, so I’m going to lean on the side of believing these episode descriptions are accurate. When and where the bonus content will air for the rest of us is still up in the air. Here’s hoping an official announcement will be made soon.

NOTE: I wanted to publish this post sooner, but I had problems accessing a stable Internet connection.

(via Jedi News)

1 comment on “February Debut of the Bonus Content in Germany?

  1. A summary of the first arc: feels. I also love the clones, and I like Tup so much, so I’ll (we’ll) suffer. Sadly, I think the same about Tup, that he’ll die during the investigation process. About Fives, I also think that he’ll die during the escape, but I have hope in this case: what if he escapes, survives everything and, later, is a rebel in SWR? Not as a main character, though, but cameos xD

    Silly question, where’s Kix in that sneak peek? I’ve only seen Rex (and thanks to you xD), but not Kix hehehe

    Can’t wait to February! I know isn’t confirmed, but I think is real (has someone asked Pablo Hidalgo on twitter?). Just in case, I’ll buy handkerchiefs!!

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