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Star Wars Rebels Promotional Cards Revealed

Star Wars Rebels Imperial Propaganda Limited Edition Cards

The Empire has been working hard to recruit citizens and build their ranks. Evidence of their efforts have been revealed in the form of limited edition cards with illustrations and messages of Imperial propaganda. The set of six cards was designed by Star Wars Rebels concept artist Amy Beth Christenson, who previously worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Force Unleashed video games.

Star Wars Rebels Concept Artist Amy Beth Christenson
Star Wars Rebels concept artist Amy Beth Christenson

About 2,500 sets will be mailed out to lucky individuals in the Star Wars community, and some have already appeared in mailboxes around the world. Andy Ury of Rebels Report received his set and shared some closeup pictures via Facebook. Although these cards are meant to drive the Imperial message across the galaxy, when joined together, the backs of the cards reveal a rebel symbol we’ve seen before, mainly on the Rebels packaging cardbacks. The presence of the symbol simply reminds everyone that the rebels won’t yield to the Empire’s control no matter what fancy posters or words of encouragement are shoved their way.

Credit: Lucasfilm.

5 comments on “Star Wars Rebels Promotional Cards Revealed

  1. how can I get those cards

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  3. Oh, SO cool. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

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