Official Star Wars Blog Post: The Kessel Run by Mark Newbold

Official Star Wars Blog: The Kessel Run by Mark Newbold

Earlier this year, I participated in an 8-hour Star Wars podcasting event with Randy Lo Gudice of 1985Fm.com, Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net, Jeremy Conrad of FuriousFanboys.com, and Mark Newbold of JediNews.co.uk. The podcast was designed to support and raise awareness for Rancho Obi-Wan and Operation Paperback.

Throughout the event, we were joined by other members of the Star Wars community, including Rancho Obi-Wan’s Steve Sansweet and Consetta Parker, Mike and Joao of The Cantina Cast, Dunc and Jawa James of Club Jade, Dion of Star Wars Always, Andy from Rebels Report, Dan and Cory from Coffee with Kenobi, and Chris from the Star Wars Kidscast.

In the end, we discovered that the donations helped Rancho Obi-Wan pack up twenty boxes of books for military troops, veterans and families.

Thanks to the donors from our recent Kessel Run podcast fundraiser we are donating the books via Operation Paperback, an organization that matches book donors with members of the military. Thank you to all the podcast participants and donors!

Mark Newbold recently published an account of the fundraiser on the Official Star Wars Blog! Make sure to read all about it, and even though a month has passed, Rancho Obi-Wan always accepts donations.


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