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Star Wars: The Clone Wars German Bonus Content Trailer

Tup from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The final arc for Star Wars: The Clone Wars aired on February 8 in Germany. Following the arc, an episode preview for the bonus content, which is scheduled to premiere on February 15, aired in the Super RTL network. Fan sites across Germany, Poland and in the United States captured screenshots of the preview, but a video was nowhere to be found. As a die-hard Clone Wars fan, I was desperate to find it. I am no stranger when it comes to watching foreign television. I normally watch Korean and Taiwanese dramas, so I’m accustomed to surfing the web and watching content from abroad. Having heard that a trailer aired, I finally got my hands on it after watching several hours of German television (and picking up a few German words along the way). I’m glad we can all rejoice at having the preview in our grasp! Still no word on the bonus content appearing in the United States or Canada.

A close friend of mine translated bits of the trailer:

  • Dooku and Sidious talked about that the incident might have to do with their programming, and that the Jedi still don’t suspect anything.
  • Either the voice of Fives or Tup states that there’s a plot against the Jedi.
  • Jedi Master Shaak Ti on Kamino saying that they have to be careful…cautious…

The following screenshots originated from German fan site Star Wars Union:

Credit: Lucasfilm.

2 comments on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars German Bonus Content Trailer

  1. Did I say excited? Now I’m waiting to hear about the release either in English or French anywhere so I can watch (and understand)! My German isn’t good enough to really appreciate the whole thing.

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