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Star Wars Rebels: Meet Hera Syndulla, Pilot and Heart of the Group

Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels. Credit: Lucasfilm.
Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels. Credit: Lucasfilm.
Credit: Lucasfilm.

The final member of the rebel crew has been announced. Meet Hera Syndulla, a self-assured pilot and fearless leader. Hera Syndulla was one of the first characters introduced earlier this year when images and information about summer 2014 LEGO sets surfaced on the Web. At the time, we knew more about her than any other character because of her connection to Cham Syndulla, a revolutionary leader from the Clone Wars era. Although her official introduction made no mention of her past and familial ties, she does share the same tough spirit and great fortitude as Cham and the freedom fighters he once assembled.

Hera Syndulla's pilot outfits from Star Wars Rebels. Credit: Lucasfilm.
Credit: Lucasfilm.

Being that she is the pilot and owner of The Ghost, Hera is far more than the traditional “sexy” Twi’lek. She is practical and wears “utilitarian” flight gear. Her no-nonsense attitude gears her towards getting the job done as effectively as possible. Personally, she reminds me of Cesi Eirriss from X-Wing Rogue Squadron ½, who was a capable starfighter pilot in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Long before her character video was released, my best friend (the writer and artist behind Star Wars Destinies) and I speculated and agreed that Hera would be the “mother hen” of the group, tending to the welfare of her crew members–especially Ezra Bridger. Lo and behold, Hera has been revealed to be the heart and nurturer of the group, often giving advice and bringing out the best in people. So far, the motley group has adopted a familial role in relation to Ezra. Kanan is the mentoring father, Zeb is the begrudging older brother, Sabine is the artistic older sister, and Hera is the warm (yet stern) mother. Oh, and Chopper is the pet cat!

Together, this band of rebels will be a thorn on the Empire’s side, aiding in the efforts to one day restore peace and balance in the galaxy.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

Featured Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

9 comments on “Star Wars Rebels: Meet Hera Syndulla, Pilot and Heart of the Group

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  2. I love that they called her Hera, both because of Greek mythology and it gave me Battlestar Galactica feels!!

  3. Awesome! She sounds like a great character. I love that the owner of the ghost is a woman, and a Twi’lek at that! Even more reason to dust off my Twi’lek rebel pilot character.

  4. You both were right lol Her name says all, “Hera”, the greek goddess of women and marriage (I love greek mythology!!)

    That’s another reason to love her, because Hera is one of my favourite goddesses!

    But the best thing so far is that she’s a Twi’lek, a dressed Twi’lek!

    I feel she will be my favourite Twi’lek, more than my Rutian Olma (aka Aayla)

    Can’t wait :D

    PS. Definitely, she has a connection with the great hero Cham (:P), it can’t be a coincidence!!

    • Edit:
      eeeeeeeeeh beautiful lady in the fanart of the week!!! :D <333333

    • Exactly! I really love that aspect in her. I know people find the “nurturing” side of women to be cliche because it gives the impression that that’s all we’re good for, but there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging what is naturally an instinct to protect and nurture (while also kicking butt and flying a ship). I can’t wait!

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