New Apparel Coming Soon from Her Universe

Ashley Eckstein

Ashley Eckstein and the team at Her Universe have exciting new items coming down the line. On April 17, Ashley shared two pictures on Instagram and Tumblr that will have fangirls from the Star Wars and Doctor Who fan communities burst out in joy.

First up is the sleeveless Ewok hood tank, which is similar to the Rogue Squadron hood tank currently in stock at the official website. The photograph was hashtagged with #SWW2014, so this item may make its debut at Star Wars Weekends 2014 from May 16 through June 15.

The following picture had two new items: a skirt and a dress. Ashley is wearing a new Doctor Who pattern skirt, which resembles the TARDIS pattern circle skirt, and her popular TARDIS cardigan. On the clothes rack, Ashley is holding a sleeveless and collared A-line dress with a Star Wars pattern.

The skirt and dress are set to debut online on May 19.

I’m not exactly sure, but if you squint your eyes, you can also see what appears to be a sleeveless Boba Fett hood tank or dress in the left corner of the clothes rack. It’s not the same A-line Boba Fett dress that was released last year with the yellow hem. Chances are I’m probably seeing things or mistaking it for an item that currently exists, so don’t take my word for it!

Remember to always flaunt your Her Universe wardrobe on Instagram using the hashtag #FlauntYourWorld. Share with Ashley and the rest of the fangirl community your awesome geek style!

3 comments on “New Apparel Coming Soon from Her Universe

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  2. That Star Wars dress looks like some vintage sheets I have! Not a fan of the ewok shirt though. I don’t think it’s really recognizable. Most of the time I like her stuff because it’s subtle (but you get it if you’re a fan) or in your face. This seems TOO subtle for me.

  3. Yea! Can’t wait to see what else is going to be released!

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