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Star Wars Rebels Full Trailer Now Available

Disney XD's Star Wars Rebels Full Trailer

The first full Star Wars Rebels trailer is finally here! Watch as Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, Zeb Orrelios, Chopper, and Ezra Bridger rise up against the Empire.

From viewing the trailer and combining the content from the teasers, the major events I’ve gathered include the following:

  • The crew of the Ghost falls under attack by TIE Fighters. The rebel ship enters Lothal’s atmosphere with the enemy targets close by. One of the TIE Fighters gets shot down and Ezra approaches it.
  • Agent Kallus and a unit of stormtroopers gather Wookiees for enslavement. The rebels attempt to stop them. Kanan reveals his true nature as a Jedi. Ezra makes an effort to save a young Wookiee.
  • Sabine, Chopper, Zeb, Kanan, and Ezra board an Imperial spacecraft for unspecified reasons. Sabine and Chopper deactivate the artificial gravity and the others fight their way through to escape. Everyone meets up at the hangar and return fire as they make their way to the Ghost.

Let’s break down the trailer previews and highlight specific scenes of interest:

Star Wars Rebels Full Trailer: Stormtroopers

I told fellow TWG contributor lledra that the hardest thing for me to adjust to will be the fact that there won’t be familiar clone faces behind those white buckets anymore. From what we heard back at New York Comic Con 2013, the clones are no longer in service, but some may have stayed behind to train this new line of soldiers. Although aged and most likely hardened by Imperial rule, I really hope we get to see some of them in the future.

Star Wars Rebels Full Trailer: Sabine Wren

The more I see Sabine, the more I love her. I just can’t wait to find out more about her personality and background as a Mandalorian. Earlier this year, I was invited to talk about Sabine in a character focus and discussion episode of Rebels Report. There, I stated that I wanted Sabine to acknowledge her Mandalorian background. She wears the armor and has the skill, but I’d like to see more of the culture established in a canon setting.

Star Wars Rebels Full Trailer: Zeb Orrelios, Ugnaught, R2 unit

As Zeb unsheathes his weapon, we see an Ugnaught and R2 unit behind him. The last time we saw an Ugnaught was in “The Citadel” in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In that episode, an Ugnaught was operating the carbon-freezing chamber. Here’s hoping that we get to see a variety of species as the show progresses.

Star Wars Rebels Full Trailer: The Phantom

Although Chopper bangs his head against the controls a few times, it’s great to see him working the Phantom, which is a secondary vessel attached to the Ghost. Back in January, the LEGO Phantom set was described as being piloted by Ezra Bridger. It’ll be interesting to see how Ezra takes on the responsibility of managing the ship, especially under heavy enemy fire.

Star Wars Rebels Full Trailer: The Inquisitor

“You did well to call.” I have a strong suspicion that this particular scene is going to be the last scene of the one-hour television special that will air on the Disney Channel prior to the series premiere on Disney XD. Agent Kallus discovers Kanan is a Jedi, and after a series of events pass that involve a confrontation between the rebels and the Imperial troops, Kallus contacts the Inquisitor and updates him on the matter. This question still stands: who plays the voice of the Inquisitor? I will say that I have seen plenty of interviews featuring David Oyelowo, the actor rumored to play a part in Star Wars Rebels, and the voices do sound a lot alike.

For other highlights, check out the trailer previews post.

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