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Benjamin Diskin and Billy Dee Williams in Rebels?

Earlier this week, Twitter user @SMGFPJFanx pointed the way to some never-before-seen pictures of the Star Wars Rebels cast. The pictures originated from a blog writer who attended the Star Wars Rebels Event on Sunday, May 4th in Los Angeles, California. The blogger subsequently wrote about her experience and included her own content as well as the following photographs of the main cast, including voice actors Steve Blum, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Taylor Gray, and executive producer Dave Filoni.

Photo Credit: DISNEY XD/Rick Rowell
Star Wars Rebels Cast Recording: Tiya Sircar, Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray, and Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Photo Credit: DISNEY XD/Rick Rowell

A separate blogger, Sweeties Freebies, who attended the same event had this to say.

During the Star Wars Rebels Dinner, we got a sneak peek at an upcoming Star Wars Rebels Episode! Whether you are an old fan, new fan, child or adult, you are going to find something you love about Star Wars Rebels when it premieres on Disney this Fall. Awesome animation, incredible story lines, and humorous banter between characters is going to pull you in. Not to mention the amazing voice cast that includes Vanessa, Freddie Prinze Jr., Taylor Gray, Ben Diskin, and Tiya Sircar!

I had originally proposed Josh Keaton, but he later confirmed that the individual pictured above in the recording session is Ben (Benjamin) Diskin.

Diskin had previously worked with Dave Filoni on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, voicing various characters, including Krismo Sodi (“Bounty“) and WAC-47 (“Secret Weapons“). Prior to that, he worked with executive producer Greg Weisman on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice.

Who he will voice in Star Wars Rebels remains unknown. Is he a character similar to those he had portrayed in The Clone Wars? Is he Agent Kallus? Or perhaps, he’s the Inquisitor, who was previously linked to David Oyelowo?

According to a conversation that transpired in the comments section of the Star Wars Blog, Oyelowo won’t be voicing the new antagonist of the series.

Star Wars Blog Comments Section

As far as I’m aware, the only official Star Wars Facebook account has a black icon with yellow lettering and a check mark for authenticity. However, according to some, this was a Star Wars site administrator. Regardless, David Oyelowo’s name has been connected to Rebels ever since The Hollywood Reporter revealed the cast late last year.

As for other rumored names involved, there was also the news back in February 2014 when Brent Spiner was mentioned to be part of Star Wars Rebels during a Young Justice panel. Greg Weisman had also contacted Marina Sirtis for a role, but she turned it down and spoke about it at the Cincinnati Comic Expo (via RebelForce Radio).

Another name moving through the rumor mill is Billy Dee Williams. Just recently, a few separate instances have alluded to the appearance of Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Rebels, one of which has been removed altogether. Star Wars Insider Magazine published a post on Facebook stating, “CG Form or in the flesh, we’re on cloud 9…having Lando back on our screens!” The post was later removed. (via

Star Wars Insider: Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Rebels

At a StarFest Denver Q&A session, Billy Dee said, “…Lando is something very special to me and I don’t want anybody else to do his voice. I always have to do his voice. Nobody else could have done Lando, being very honest with you. Nobody. Nobody understands charm the way I do.” (via Rebels Report)

Lastly, Collider wrote that Lando Calrissian was in Star Wars Rebels, but when asked about writing dialogue for Lando, executive Producer Simon Kinberg evaded the question. Instead, he stated that it was a thrill to write legacy characters from the original films. In the same article, Kinberg stated that the series will be 16 episodes long, which is shorter than the 22-episode seasons from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Personally, I think it’ll be great to see Lando again, especially since he may not appear in Star Wars: Episode VII. Some were worried about him sounding too old, but he recently voiced LEGO Lando in a few projects. Besides Obi-Wan Kenobi and Lando, are there any other old trilogy characters you would like to see in Star Wars Rebels? Leave your thoughts in the section below.

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2 comments on “Benjamin Diskin and Billy Dee Williams in Rebels?

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  2. I actually would not want to see Obi-Wan. I want them to stay far away from beloved movie characters. My favorite parts of TCW were when they didn’t concentrate on characters from the movies, so I’m hoping to get my wish this time around with a whole new slice of the Star Wars universe.

    I feel like eventually they will probably bring in Obi-Wan to bump the ratings or something, but I’d much rather Ahsoka. I wouldn’t mind Lando so much because he wasn’t related to Order 66 or Jedi and it would be fun to throw him in the mix as a young guy.

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