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Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta Attached To Stand-Alone Film

From Boba Fett to Yoda, the Star Wars stand-alone films sit under a thick veil of secrecy with rumors surfacing every other week. For a discussion of those rumors and other news pertaining to Star Wars: Episode VII, I highly recommend listening to MakingStarWars.net‘s “Now, This Is Podcasting!

Now, fans have concrete information regarding the first of the three stand-alone films. Set to be released on December 16, 2016, the movie’s screenplay will be written by Gary Whitta and directed by Gareth Edwards.

In an official statement, Edwards said, “Ever since I saw Star Wars I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life–join the Rebel Alliance. I could not be more excited and honored to go on this mission with Lucasfilm.”

Whitta’s credits include season 2’s episode 1 of The Walking Dead: The Game (2013), After Earth (2013), and The Book of Eli (2010), to name a few. Edwards is best known for his recent work on Godzilla (2014), Monsters (2010), and In the Shadow of the Moon (2007).

Even more rumors followed in the wake of the news, some stating that both newcomers will work on the rumored Boba Fett stand-alone film. However, the name and content of the movie remain unknown.

Personally, I have not seen any of the aforementioned films. Edwards has received praise for his work on Godzilla, whereas Whitta has received some criticism based on his past negative comments about the prequel films and his work on After Earth. Similar to everything else currently being produced by Disney and Lucasfilm, we will have to wait and see the results.

Also, one important observation to make here, it will be interesting (and ground breaking) to see a female director and/or screenplay writer in the future. As a supporter of Legion of Leia, a community dedicated to highlighting and promoting women in science fiction, I believe it is important to see not only female characters, but also women as writers, directors, producers and so on. Certain individuals in the community have stated that Disney and Lucasfilm are taking a risk with Edwards and Whitta. If that’s the case, then there’s no reason why Disney and Lucasfilm shouldn’t take a risk on female creators with the same potential.

(via Star Wars)

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2 comments on “Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta Attached To Stand-Alone Film

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  2. While I would go see a movie about Boba Fett, because it’s Star Wars, I’m not really interested at all by this. I had way enough about Boba Fett with previous released productions of various kinds. I’m very excited about Whitta being on board because I loved both After Earth and Book of Eli, so I think the script is in good hands.

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