‘Star Wars Rebels’ News Around the World

Star Wars Rebels WATCH Disney XD App

When Disney and Lucasfilm first announced that Star Wars Rebels would premiere on Disney XD channels around the world, they weren’t kidding. In the past few months, Disney has launched international sports events with Star Wars as the theme and introduced Disney XD channels to a variety of new countries. Before the series kicks off on Disney XD worldwide in October 2014, continue reading to keep up with the latest Star Wars Rebels news from around the world.


In early March, Disney XD premiered in Singapore‘s leading TV provider, StarHub. Australia also launched the channel in early April on Foxtel. Staring this June, Disney XD joins Disney Channel and Disney Junior in Manila, Philippines, through TV operator Cignal TV and cable distributor Accion. Star Wars Rebels is included in the list as shows to watch out for later this year. What makes this exciting news is that Star Wars Rebels will premiere at the same time worldwide, exposing more children to the galaxy far, far away and expanding their imaginations as it did for us when we were children.

Speaking of Disney XD, Disney released three new streaming apps for iOS and Android devices. Given that you have a cable subscription, you can access video content through the apps (unavailable internationally). Currently, the Star Wars Rebels section contains character videos and the full trailer. The New Yoda Chronicles also has a section in the app with the full episode that premiered on May the Fourth. In the future, we may see full episodes forStar Wars Rebels, as well.

Check out the new app on iTunes and online at WATCH Disney XD.

United States:

Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, and Taylor Gray have attended Star Wars Weekends and appeared in Ashley Eckstein’s “Behind the Force: Star Wars Rebels” event. Each week, a brand new clip was shown to the audience and some fans have divulged details about those previews.

  • Weekend I Clip: The first clip highlighted Hera Syndulla and her extraordinary piloting skills while under attack. As the TIE Fighters pursue The Ghost, Hera and Kanan bicker a bit before the shields are rendered inoperable. Chopper is given the command to fix them. When Hera attempts to communicate with Kanan, she finds that the comm system is also down and tells Chopper to fix that problem. Chopper, being the cranky droid that he is, tells Hera that he’s working on the shields, but Hera stresses the importance of fixing the comm to coordinate the attack. Displeased with having to do too many things at the same time, Chopper bangs his head on the console (as seen in the trailer). The droid makes his way over to Kanan. There, the “fearless leader,” as Hera calls him, tells Chopper that he needs to be fixing the shields and not the comm system. Despite the lack of communications, Hera and Kanan continue to playfully exchange teasing remarks via Chopper. In response to Kanan’s comment about her flying passed along by Chopper, Hera spins the ship around to shoot down the enemy (as seen in the WonderCon clip). Hera sends Chopper back to tell Kanan to get that last TIE Fighter, but the droid takes matters into his own metallic arms and takes down the remaining pursuer. At the end, Kanan and Hera compliment each other. Chopper, on the other hand, doesn’t hesitate to interrupt the moment before he’s thanked for saving them.
  • Weekend II Clip: Sabine is in a restricted area with TIE Fighters monitored by stormtroopers. She communicates with The Ghost, and Hera responds by telling her that they are in position and waiting for her diversion. Sabine starts to spray paint when the stormtroopers discover her. As they shoot (and fail to hit their target), she makes a run for it and evades their attacks. Making a loop back to where she was spray painting, she plants an explosive device and the stormtroopers are caught in the blast. Hera comms in and tells Sabine that her diversion worked well while she admires the colors left behind from the explosion.
  • Weekend III Clip: On the grass fields of Lothal, Ezra witnesses the crashing of a TIE Fighter (as seen in the Spark teaser trailer). He approaches the smoking and charred wreckage. From a distance, he uses his slingshot, which Teresa Delgado of Fangirls Going Rogue described it as a “flying tazer.” Ezra tricks the pilot and steals his flight records and helmet.

So far, these clips appear to be from the one-hour special, which will premiere on the Disney Channel. Steve Blum, the voice of Zeb Orrelios, is set to appear during the fifth and last weekend from June 13-15. We can expect a Zeb clip to debut that weekend.

Also, Yodasnews has an exclusive first look of Gentle Giant LTD’s Inquisitor Maquette from Star Wars Rebels.


Copa Star Wars 2014 is currently underway throughout Mexico, a soccer tournament for young children. The 501st Legion’s Rancor Hunters recently tweeted a picture with familiar Star Wars characters at one of the matches. Disney launched the tournament (as well as a “Star Wars Run” in Buenos Aires) to introduce children to Star Wars and to reacquaint adults with the beloved franchise.

Eduardo Sanchez, the senior marketing manager for The Walt Disney World Mexico, stated, “With the ‘Star Wars Cup 2014′ we want to bring a bit of knowledge of these films to children, because we are aware that they know this universe, but not as much as the older and true fans.” He goes on to talk about Star Wars Rebels and how the series will be 23 episodes long. I believe Rebels was briefly mentioned during the interview with El Universal because the series, in addition to the sports events, will offer the “bit of knowledge” that Disney wants to bring to children, especially since the show carries with it the tone and feel of Star Wars: A New Hope.


Pablo Hidalgo attended Comic Con Chile 2014 and spoke at a panel on Sunday, June 1. Although no details about Star Wars Rebels have surfaced, he probably gave an overview of his job and projects currently in production. For more pictures, visit the post I wrote up at Making Star Wars.

Graphic designer by the name of estonoesarte and artist Cesar Canelo created a Star Wars Rebels stencil mural at the convention, one that would make Sabine proud.

For pictures that record the process, check out estonoesarte’s Tumblr:

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    • Do you mean the app? It would be nice if it was accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, cable providers are different everywhere, so Disney would run into problems with that. It is pretty neat, though!

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