Star Wars Battlefront at E3 2014

Star Wars Battlefront at E3 2014

EA Star Wars GamesFrom the frozen plains of Hoth to the Forest Moon of Endor, the official trailer for EA and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront premiered at E3 2014. The EA conference kicked off with the 2-minute video, providing a glance into the process and research behind the game, but no other details followed. Though no release date was announced, EA launched a new Star Wars Games website, which will serve as “a singular destination for Star Wars fans to learn more about the exciting new games in development at EA.” More content will be shared Spring 2015, but until then, visit StarWars.ea.com for the latest updates and news. If you like to receive information through your inbox, make sure to sign up for EA’s Star Wars Games newsletter.

Credit: EA Digital Illusions CE.

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