New Brand Coming to Her Universe!

Ashley Eckstein

Finding women’s clothes that feature our favorite superheroes can be quite difficult. Whether you’re at Target or finding material online, the search often leads to nowhere and leaves us fangirls more frustrated with the fact that female clothes are not as common as they are for our male counterparts. Last year, Disney came under much scrutiny with the release of the female “I Need a Hero” shirt versus the male version “Be a Hero.” Little effort has been made to offer girls and women a wider variety of merchandise that doesn’t scream sexism.

Another problem? The fit. Some fans go straight to the “why don’t you just buy a boy’s shirt, then?” The fit isn’t the same. Shirts are cut differently based on our body types. I could (and often do) wear boys’ shirts, but they’re unflattering and make me feel bigger than I already am. I want a shirt that’s made for me and for the many other fangirls who want to represent their favorite fandoms/superheroes. We want to represent them at cons and other fan-related activities, so why can’t the big companies represent us properly?

If you’ve given up finding that one shirt you’ve dreamed about, here’s hoping Her Universe can restore it back to life. Subscribers to Ashley Eckstein’s geek chic fashion line received an e-mail on June 13 with a teasing image for a new brand coming soon to Her Universe: Marvel! The image of what appears to be Captain Marvel and other female superheroes was also shared through Her Universe social media platforms.

Her Universe and Marvel

Adding Marvel to Her Universe’s mixed bag of awesome science fiction and fantasy franchises opens up her business to a massive population of fangirls. Elaine Tveit at Making Star Wars pointed out that Her Universe already has a Marvel product at Hot Topic, the Captain America hooded tank (similar to the Rebel Alliance and Ewok hooded tanks at the Her Universe shop).

Mark your calendars because June 19 is going to be an exciting day when Her Universe comes to the rescue once again to give women everywhere exactly the kind of merchandise we deserve. Fangirls assemble!

3 comments on “New Brand Coming to Her Universe!

  1. There may or may not be (captain america) things already available on thinkgeek and hottopic’s marvel section. ;)

  2. Hopefully, Her Universe will be better at the Marvel shirts than Mighty Fine is. (I stopped buying Mighty Fine’s crap for a variety of reasons, but that’s another profanity-laced rant for another day).

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