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Star Wars Rebels: “The Machine in the Ghost” Preview

Star Wars Rebels: Hera Syndulla and Chopper in "The Machine in the Ghost"

Four new previews for Star Wars Rebels will premiere each Monday on Disney XD over the next four weeks starting August 11. The first, entitled “The Machine in the Ghost,” will premiere later tonight after Gravity Falls. The preview features Hera Syndualla, Kanan Jarrus, and Chopper zipping through space to escape incoming TIE Fighters. As confirmed by fellow fangirl Teresa Delgado, the preview was originally shown at Star Wars Weekends. You can read more about this scene in Michael Kogge’s Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Rebels.

The clip starts off with a simple title in blue text and my first thought was, “Is that to introduce the clip or is that going to be how the episode titles will look from now on?” Though, according to the Star Wars Rebels Facebook page, these previews are bonus material that will not be featured in the series (via Rebel Transmission). What a great marketing tool for the show and get people interested in the characters without having to show actual footage from the series (other than in the trailers and the initial 7-minute preview, of course). Returning back to my original point, I’m a big fan of opening sequences, so I’d love for Star Wars Rebels to have something similar to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The opening shot in the 7-minute preview just showed the Star Wars Rebels logo, so I hope there’s something more to that prior to each episode.

Also, this fangirl was particularly excited to see some banter and flirting between Hera and Kanan. I’m a hopeless romantic always looking to see my favorite characters interact on platonic and romantic levels. Please pre-order your copy of John Jackson Miller’s Star Wars: A New Dawn. You’ll discover more about Hera and Kanan and how their relationship kicks off six years prior to Star Wars Rebels. And finally, there’s Chopper and his positively adorable victory dance towards the end of the clip. He is far more expressive than R2-D2, I think, and that certainly adds more to his character.

Stay tuned for next Monday, August 18, when the next clip will premiere!

4 comments on “Star Wars Rebels: “The Machine in the Ghost” Preview

  1. Wow, they beg to be shipped! So like Han and Leia and Obi and Satine.

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  3. Jon Hodges

    Very cool :)

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