Star Wars Rebels: Episode 101-106 Titles, Writers, Directors

Star Wars Rebels SDCC Poster

Star Wars Insider #152, the official Star Wars magazine, contains a wealth of information about the highly anticipated animated series Star Wars Rebels, including episode titles, writers and directors for episodes 101 through 106. Rebels Report gathered and published the facts provided. Note that the shorts, focusing on the main characters of the series, are grouped together to form episode 101.

  • Episode 101A: “The Machine in the Ghost” — Directed by Dave Filoni, Written by Greg Weisman
  • Episode101B: “Art Attack” — Directed by Justin Ridge, Written by Greg Weisman
  • Episode 101C: “Entanglement” — Directed by Justin Ridge, Written by Henry Gilroy, Simon Kinberg
  • Episode 101D: “Property of Ezra Bridger” — Directed by Dave Filoni, Written by Simon Kinberg

Dave Filoni acts as both executive producer for the series and supervising director for two 101 shorts. Greg Weisman is also an executive producer for the series and writer for two 101 shorts and two episodes. Justin Ridge was a storyboard artist, director, and assistant director for Star Wars: The Clone Wars between 2008 and 2009. Henry Gilroy was a writer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars between 2008 and 2010, having written episodes such as “Rookies” and “Holocron Heist.” Simon Kinberg also takes up the role of executive producer and writer for the series, including two 101 shorts and the Spark of Rebellion one-hour special (movie). Finally, Steward Lee previously worked as a storyboard artist and director on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Steven G. Lee worked on similar projects, such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

  • Episode 102-103: “Spark of Rebellion” — Directed by Steward Lee and Steven G. Lee, Written by Simon Kinberg
  • Episode 104: “Droids in Distress” — Directed by Steward Lee, Written by Greg Weisman
  • Episode 105: “Fighter Flight” — Directed by Steven G. Lee, Written by Greg Weisman
  • Episode 106: “Rise of the Old Masters” — Directed by Steward Lee, Written by Henry Gilroy

We already have two major previews from Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion: the extended 7-minute preview and recently released sneak peek from WATCH Disney XD.

Droids in Distress” will include the appearance of C-3PO and R2-D2. According to the Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide by Adam Bray, the two droids were loaned to Governor Pryce on Lothal by Senator Bail Organa, “Now they have been given a new mission: helping to negotiate an Imperial arms deal. On this mission, they meet some of the rebels.”

Star Wars Rebels: A Look Ahead Trailer: Cadet Ezra Bridger

Credit: Disney Television Animation and Lucasfilm Animation.

“Fighter Flight” and “Rise of the Old Masters” remain a mystery. Though, we could see Luminara Unduli in the latter.  She appeared in the “A Look Ahead” trailer, where a HoloNet News report announced her as a prisoner on Stygeon Prime. As for the “Fighter Flight” episode, given its name, it could be the one that focuses on Ezra infiltrating the Imperial Academy. When I think of the words “Fighter Flight,” I instantly think of combat flight simulators used for flight training.

However, I pointed out the following in a past post, “One of the Imperial officers held up Ezra’s image and said, ‘This is the Padawan I encountered on Stygeon Prime.’ It seems the mission Ezra undergoes at a later point in time to infiltrate the Imperial Academy may go awry given the unforgettable events that happened while retrieving Luminara at the prison.” Thus, my theory about the Imperial Academy infiltration happening before the Luminara Unduli appearance may not be correct, but it’s always fun to speculate!

(via Rebels Report)


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