The Latest Star Wars Apparel From Her Universe

Ashley Eckstein

The Star Wars fangirl community rejoiced as Her Universe added new Star Wars Rebels items to the strong and impressive line of geek merchandise. The Star Wars Rebels shirts that currently exist in the market are geared more towards young boys and primarily exclude the two females of the series. Although the Disney Store offers a “Create Your Own” option, where fans can customize their own shirt, the issue of excluding the female presence in boys’ apparel persists as does the exclusion of female apparel altogether.

her-universe-join-the-rebellion-star-wars-rebelsHer Universe answered the call for help and released two new shirts: Graffiti Rebel Long Sleeve Tee and Join Rebellion Tee. Ashley Eckstein, the creator behind the fashionable and successful clothing line, wore the Graffiti Rebel tee herself on the day of the show’s premiere in early October. She also informed fellow fangirls via Twitter that more Star Wars Rebels apparel will come at Star Wars Celebration in April 2015. Here’s hoping a Hera Syndulla tee or lekku hoodie is among the items to be revealed next year–a fangirl can dream!

Ashley also unveiled the new Star Wars Symbol Infinity Scarf at ThinkGeek, “Celebrate Star Wars with this chic and useful infinity scarf. To the unknowing observer, this just looks like a pretty pattern, but to another Star Wars fan, it’s the coolest accessory ever. Simple and subtle, this scarf is perfect for a trip to the grocery store, office, or your favorite convention. From our friends at Her Universe.” The scarf contains white Rebel Alliance and Imperial logos on black fabric.

The infinity scarf is available for $34.99 at ThinkGeek. (Visit their coupon page for more savings!)

From left to right: Star Wars Symbol Infinity Scarf, Star Wars Symbol Cardigan, and an Imperial Dress–all from Ashley Eckstein’s Instagram.

A matching cardigan is also on the way as well as an Imperial inspired dress.

Her Universe and The Sparkle Factory, Darth Vader earrings
Source: Instagram

Lastly, Her Universe and The Sparkle Factory have reunited once again to bring fangirls jewelry inspired by our favorite Star Wars characters. Earlier this year, the team had released a collectible, high-end jewelry line designed by The Sparkle Factory, entitled the “My Hero Jewelry Collection.” Coming soon to Her Universe are Darth Vader studs designed at The Sparkle Factory and made in the USA.

But how successful is Her Universe? Fortune Magazine briefly explored the question in “MLB’s David Eckstein is the ‘Smurf’ that could,” a piece about David’s transition from MLB to becoming a business partner with his wife.

Her Universe expects 2014 sales of $5 million, according to Ashley, who says the company is profitable but declines to give specifics.

Exciting times are ahead for Star Wars fans and Her Universe never fails to heed the calls of fellow fangirls. Make sure to continue supporting our favorite online store and everything that Her Universe stands for as an inspirational leader in the fangirl community.

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