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Star Wars Rebels: Theories and Discussion

Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano

Though Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars differ in style and design and are inspired by different elements of the Star Wars universe, both series share common threads. In Star Wars: A New Dawn, a prequel novel to Star Wars Rebels, Skelly was a character who played a part in the Clone Wars as an explosives expert. In “Droids in Distress”, we saw R2-D2, C-3PO, and Bail Organa–all three characters previously seen in The Clone Wars. We later discover Luminara Unduli and her fate, another character primarily seen in The Clone Wars. “Breaking Ranks” had echoes of “Clone Cadets” and its main training exercise was directly inspired by season four’s “The Box”. In the latest episode, “Out of Darkness”, Hera and Sabine are trapped on a base previously controlled by the Grand Army of the Republic with hints of familiar vehicles scattered in the background.

To speculate and draw connections to Star Wars: The Clone Wars is in no way farfetched, since the writers of the show have not shied away from making those connections in the first pace. Having stated that, I move onto the theories and speculation I find most fascinating from “Out of Darkness” and “Empire Day”.

Who is Fulcrum?

The mysterious veil surrounding Fulcrum gave way to numerous theories about his or her identity. Some suspected that Fulcrum was a female upon hearing the voice for the first time. After altering the voice’s pitch through Audacity, Fulcrum does, in fact, sound female. Now, the question of whether Fulcrum is a familiar or a new female character remains.

Names have been tossed around, but none more so than that of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan prior to her separating from the Jedi Order. Her fate after leaving the Jedi remains unclear, but we know that she had some involvement with Mandalore based on sketches drawn by Dave Filoni. Perhaps, she found her calling in helping people the way she saw fit, taking up a shrouded mantle and doing her own good.

Rebels Report also played around with the masked audio and changed it by four and six semi-tones. The third part that is six semi-tones up sounds similar to Ashley Eckstein’s Ahsoka Tano, especially when she says, “Understood.”

green-crate-star-wars-rebels-out-of-darkness copy
Credit: Disney XD, Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm

Also, in “Out of Darkness”, we see Hera move towards a green colored crate with a lone marking on them. Though Ahsoka’s forehead markings differ slightly, there is a resemblance between the two. Is this and the voice concrete proof that Ahsoka is Fulcrum? Absolutely not. This is mere speculation, and further connecting dots between Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars that the writers have previously done themselves. To see Ahsoka again, especially in the position of helping rebels, would be a wonderful way to come full circle with her character. However, I could see her story continuing elsewhere in another medium, leaving the Fulcrum identity open for more speculation.

If not Ahsoka, then my theory is that she’s an all new character to keep with the pattern of establishing new faces and expanding the galaxy instead of making it smaller (where everyone knowns everyone). Or, the name is borrowed by several individuals from that group. That thought came directly from the television series Chuck, where Fulcrum–the codename of a secret espionage organization–were the main antagonists of the series. Whoever or whatever is behind Fulcrum’s identity, the joy of speculating and digging up for clues makes the mystery all the more entertaining.

Ezra’s Father [Spoilers for “Empire Day”]

In the episode “Empire Day”, we discover that Ezra was born on this holiday, when the Emperor declared the new Galactic Empire, and that his parents disappeared when he was young. In having recollections about his parents, Ezra hears his father’s voice, performed by Dee Bradley Baker. Fans quickly jumped up to speculate about Ezra’s father and the possibility of him being an ex-clone trooper. Some were just as quick to deny it, but in analyzing further, it could be possible.

Captain Rex as Ezra’s father? Chances are Captain Rex may not be the father. However, it could be another clone. Captain Rex was originally written to appear in the later seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, based on the arc he was said to have with R2-D2 and the “Bad Batch” arc with Echo. His ultimate fate continues to elude us, but for those interested in the possibility, his fate could have been changed by the time Rebels came into existence. Personally, I see him as the Fulcrum type, working somewhere in some obscure part of the galaxy and doing good.

Why a clone? Of all the people to voice the part of Ezra’s father, Dee Bradley Baker was chosen for the part. Kath Soucie voiced Ezra’s mother, Mira Bridger, and she also voiced Minister Maketh Tua. I may not be familiar with the industry or the behind-the-scenes process, but the role of voicing Ezra’s father could have easily gone to one of the other voice actors in the series. Nearly everyone in the credits list had appeared in the series before, but this is Dee Bradley Baker’s first appearance in an episode that contains direct connections to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. There was the decorated gunship that once belonged to Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Crumb Bomber, hanging over the entrance to Old Jho’s Pit Stop and the Phase I clone trooper helmet that sat behind Old Jho, also voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

With those items in place, it could be that the clone troopers no longer in service relocated to Lothal after the war. We saw a glimpse of something similar in Star Wars: A New Dawn, where Skelly and other Clone Wars veterans had moved to Gorse for work and shelter. Am I reading too much into the signs? Most likely, but as mentioned before, digging for clues is part of the fun when it comes to speculating.

Ezra looks nothing like a clone: Genetics works in funny ways. I look more like my mom, who is my fellow co-host on Rebels Chat. I’m light-skinned, short compared to others, and fluffy. My dad has the same complexion as a clone trooper, dark black hair, and he’s much taller. Also, this could be another Cut Lawquane, who, in this case, found a life after the war and became the father of another child. (This theory is for those who prefer to believe that clones are sterile). Whatever the case may be, introducing a clone as the father of a main character of the series–a Force sensitive character–would be a fascinating connection to Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Whether Ahsoka is Fulcrum or Ezra’s father is clone, the reality is we won’t know until it happens. Even if those characters are revealed to be someone else entirely, the journey in devising theories and speculating with the rest of the community is what makes it all exciting.

What are your thoughts about Fulcrum? Do you think Ezra’s father is a clone? How and why do you think he disappeared? Make sure to comment in the section below and join the conversation.

36 comments on “Star Wars Rebels: Theories and Discussion

  1. These theories are hilarious to people who read this after the reveal of who Fulcrum was in Rebels. Was it that obvious?

  2. could have been Shaak Ti. she was still alive at that time

  3. I’ve been thinking Plo Koon. In the last few weeks I’ve been reading TONS of rumors that he survived Order 66. When I saw the movie I actually thought he survived. There is quite a bit of evidence supporting that. Whether he’s Fulcrum or not is yet to be seen. But I’ll bet he returns. I think either Rex or Ahsoka will be Fulcrum. I think there’s an outside chance that it’s Ventress.

    • Hmm, I wonder how Plo Koon could have survived that, though. As much as I would like to see him, I don’t know how he could have come out from that explosion. Can’t wait to see the next season of Rebels!

  4. Has no one read any of the clone commando books??!! Darman, and Etain, the clone commando, and female Jedi who had a son. Just saying.

    • Hello there, Jason! I have read the Republic Commando books. In fact, it’s my favorite series! I’m not sure what your comment is specifically referring to in my post, but I really do love that series. It’s not canon, but the writers may take up certain aspects for future Rebels stories. The post is outdated, since we already know Ezra’s parents based on that photo, but looking forward to learning more about them!

      • Ahsoka is Fulcrum in season finale. blue lightsaber!!!!!!!!!!

      • jason phillips

        I was responding to whoever wrote that clones might be sterile. I guess at least the first few batches weren’t!! On Feb 22, 2015 10:46 AM, “The Wookiee Gunner” wrote: > > The Wookiee Gunner commented: “Hello there, Jason! I have read the Republic Commando books. In fact, it’s my favorite series! I’m not sure what your comment is specifically referring to in my post, but I really do love that series. It’s not canon, but the writers may take up certain as” >

  5. Leia. Ahsoka would be cool but Leia is the more likely of the two to be privy to what is going on in the Empire, due to her fathers status. This sets everything up nicely for Leia’s storyline in ANH plus also after Lando, Tarkin and the droids, they are obviously looking for big cameos. What bigger cameo than one of the Skywalkers? IMO, Leia is far more likely to make an appearance than Luke due to Ezra covering the ‘force sensitive hero’ base. Yeah. Leia for Fulcrum. Thing is, I want it to be Ahsoka.

    • Yeah, Leia seems more likely to show up than Luke! I can definitely see something like that happening in season two, since there have been significant appearance of classic characters already. Can’t wait!

    • I believe Rebels is 5 yrs before Episode IV, so that makes Leia a little young to be a rebel mastermind, in my book. Definitely thinking Asoka…

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  7. If you take a picture of Ezra’s dad and then of bail organa, they look alike! My theory is that Bail is Ezra,s father and that is why he never told them who he was.

  8. I do believe that Fulcrum is Ashoka. That would be an awsome twist!! As for Ezra’s father being a clone, I’d need more proof of this theory. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea, but we need more proof from the show itself to support this idea. But hey, it’s possible!

    • The clone theory is interesting, but I think we’ve figured out that that is no longer the case. It was a great thing to speculate on, though! Can’t wait to find out more about his parents!

  9. Cadet Joe Mo

    Hmm… Upon watching the newest episode, Gathering Forces, I would have to suggest that Fulcrum would have to be connect to Organa. The fact that the CR-70 Corvette appeared leads me to believe that Organa, or an associate of his, is helping the rebels out.

    Also I would like to believe that possibly Ezra’s father is a clone despite the photo seen at the end. The hair to both Ezra and his father are suppose to be a dark blue/ black. Also the obsession between Ezra and Stormtrooper helmets. It is peculiar, especially in Wiesman’s works, to have a seemingly obvious detail go unnoticed; only to be later a plot point. I would recommend cation with regards to Ezra’s family, but there is always a mystery to be solved.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! Fulcrum is definitely someone connected to Organa, based on that ship alone. It makes sense, given his position and his attempts to fight against the Empire.

      As for Ezra’s father, hmm. I honestly don’t think it’s a clone. Clones age much faster than ordinary people. He also doesn’t have the golden colored eyes that clones typically have. Ezra’s fascination with helmets, in my opinion, was just his way to retaliate against the Empire. We never know, though. Hope to find out more information soon!

  10. theonewhoknocks

    Fulcrum in fiction has always been depicted as a syndicate. In the newest episode “Gathering Forces” has a CR90 Corvette with a blue stripe. Now the famous CR90 Corvette or “Tantive IV” is the ship Princess Leia had, and is the same ship that Bail Organa used in this show. However, that ship has a red stripe. I think it is safe to assume that this Fulcrum CR90 with a blue stripe is not Bail Organa one of the few who tried to take Palpatine down before the end of the Clone Wars.

    Point is, I think we are looking for a group of people who might work hand in hand with Bail Organa. At this point, a crew of people have to work for Fulcrum, and admittedly so by the newest episode.

    In my opinion, we have quite a few characters who have loose ends from the Clone Wars. Ahsoka is highly possible. I wonder though, Fulcrum can’t be working alone. What about Assajj Ventress and Lux Bonteri. Now the ship that Fulcrum had could be a CR70 corvette. It is typically depicted as blue anyway.

    Lux Bonteri is diplomat (Possibly in the Imperial Senate). Now this Gall Trayvis is an interesting character. Remember the one who sent the message about Luminara? Well he was described as a senator in exile because he spoke out against the empire. We all know what happens to those who speak out against Palpatine. What if the real Gall Trayvis is already dead, and someone who is in the Imperial Senate learning these things is reporting under the guise of the already dead senator on the holo net? I would suggest Bail Organa, but would it be more interesting if Lux was part of the Fulcrum group working in the senate for information, and then reporting it as Gall Trayvis.

    Asajj Ventress was always a spy. From her beginnings she was a masterful assassin. She would easily find her way into Fulcrum as a top notch information gatherer. We saw a wonderful character arch from her with the turning from Sith Acolyte to wandering bounty hunter… one who helped Ahsoka during a dark time.

    So if Ahsoka is Fulcrum, or at least running it, would it be hard to assume two close people to her with the resources and skills needed would be part of the same organization they all hate?

    Here is another conspiracy theory. Your welcome internets.

  11. Remember Boushh? could be a possibility that fulcrum is Princess Leia. I mean her Step Father Olgana seem to been cooking up something judging by his cameo. But i am hoping its Ahsoka. or maybe shes in that crate Dead or Frozen! This is gonna be epic!

  12. I’m going out on a wild limb by saying Fulcrum is Barriss Offee.
    There is so much open there, granted her death on Felucia is now non-canon, anything could have happened when the Emperor took power.
    Maybe Palpatine was the one who got into her head in the first place, causing the temple bombing.
    If she WAS once an Imperial, then perhaps she discovered the fate of her old master, Luminara, and turned against the empire at that point, if not earlier.
    Then, of course, the markings (if they even mean anything) on the crate is Barriss honoring Ahsoka in a way.
    Her character can be redeemed, which is the only way the theory works, and it would be very interesting to see.

  13. Fulcrum is a drumming term. Traditionally, the fulcrum is said to denote the part of a percussionist’s grip that is the main lever for the drumstick/mallet to rotate. This is usually created by the thumb + index finger, the thumb + middle finger, or a combination of the index, middle, and thumb.

    This definition of the fulcrum is only correct if the sticks/mallets pivot only about that exact point – usually they do not. To more accurately describe the mechanics of drumming one must define multiple fulcrums within a ‘system of levers’.

    Ahsokas Lightsaber style?

  14. Jon Hodges

    I find it interesting that every voice listed for the characters of Rebels can be found on IMDB…..except for Fulcrum. They are certainly keeping it a mystery….

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  16. I think both are possibilities.

  17. Rabindranauth

    Ahsoka is one of my favorite Clone Wars characters, so I would love to see her make an appearance.

  18. Al Patrickson

    I would have to say Fulcrum is actually Ahsoka with her voice disguised.

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