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Rebels Returns January 2015, Mid-Season Premiere Theories

Ilum Temple from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

New episodes of Star Wars Rebels will return starting Monday, January 5, on Disney XD with “Path of the Jedi”. Verified subscribers who watch the episodes early, make sure to visit the WATCH Disney XD app or site on Monday, December 29, to watch the episode one week in advance.

For a sneak peek of the mid-season premiere, check out Rebels Recon #8: Inside “Gathering Forces”.

In the glimpse, we find Ezra and Kanan in the Phantom.

Ezra: So, did you take this test at my age?

Kanan: It was different for me, Ezra. Everything was different back then. All that remains now is the Force.

Ezra: And only my connection to the Force can lead me to the temple.

Kanan: Ha! He can be taught.

Ezra: There’s a massive stone with a tunnel, I think. And a bright star inside of it. And it’s right here, on Lothal!

Kanan: You sure?

Ezra: I can’t give you the coordinates, but I can direct us there. I know I can!

Star Wars Rebels: Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber
Credit: Disney XD, Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm.

Are Ezra and Kanan in search of a kyber crystal for Ezra’s lightsaber/blaster hybrid? Kanan described the “test” as something that was different for him before the fall of the Jedi, and any Jedi tests or training Ezra does will not resemble traditional methods.

For example, in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano and Yoda led a small group of younglings to Ilum, where they underwent a traditional Jedi rite of passage: the construction of their lightsabers. At the Ilum temple, Yoda used the Force to activate a crystal device to melt the entrance leading into the Crystal Cave (as seen below). If Ezra saw a “bright star”, then he could be referring to a similar device leading into a different temple. Or, he could be seeing the kyber crystal itself, the heart of all lightsabers.

Given the fact that we’ve seen giant kyber crystals in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“Crystal Crisis on Utapau”) and in Star Wars Rebels (“Breaking Ranks”), I believe it’s safe to assume that the crystals are accessible in other locations and that a temple similar to the one seen at Ilum could also be located on Lothal. After all, the hilt of his lightsaber (as seen above) is already different, so the method with which he acquires the kyber crystal may also be unorthodox.

Ilum Temple from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Credit: Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm.

Is it another farfetched theory? Do you think Ezra will ditch the slingshot? I hope not. He’s still wearing it in the image located above, so here’s hoping he continues to use what he created in conjunction with a brand new weapon. Share your thoughts about the “Path of the Jedi” clip in the comments section below.

26 comments on “Rebels Returns January 2015, Mid-Season Premiere Theories

  1. Yo Wookie Gunner, when do you usually put up your podcast about new episodes? Just wondering

    • I normally post them on Thursday, but since I have it edited, I may post it tomorrow (Wednesday) along with the review.

      • Ok. Cause I have the same question I asked before about whether or not Ezra goes to the dark side cause I’m the only one in my Star Wars circle that believes Ezra doesn’t go to the dark side.

  2. Can’t wait to see the lightsaber/blaster hybrid Ezra builds in the show. Hopefully this is it because I don’t think Ezra can really advance in his training without a lightsaber and I was hoping that he would get his lightsaber soon. Also, How about The Inquisitor’s lightsaber. That thing is a beast. I heard that The Inquisitor’s lightsaber was suppose to be used in Star Wars the Force Unleashed video game series, but was unused. I also like the crews reaction to The Inquisitor’s lightsaber. When Kanan saves Ezra in Rise of the Old Masters and The Inquisitor does that spin ability with his lightsaber and Ezra replies with a “can yours do that?” It made me laugh

    • Marsha Moseley

      Yeah, the Inquisitor’s lightsaber is pretty cool! I remember reading something somewhere – the Rebels Visual Guide, maybe? – that its design is sort of an indication of winning by any means. He’s a good fighter, and he certainly has no problem besting Kanan at this point, but he isn’t above cheating. But, yes, Ezra’s and Zeb’s reactions were lol!

      I’m with you about Ezra’s lightsaber. He needs one and fast! I hope that’s what we get in Path of the Jedi!

      • I love the Inquisitor’s lightsaber. It’s just so epic on many levels. It’s a shame people see the complete opposite. It’s an awesome design. Can’t wait to see how else he’ll use it!

      • The Wolf Pack

        I would have replied to your comment above but for some reason it wouldn’t let me, but I could reply here. Anyway, I did watch tonight’s episode on and it was amazing. I’d discuss it now but I would hate to leave spoilers before the episode even airs on TV. I still have to watch it tonight with my Star Wars friends, so they will all pick on me for being the only one that says Ezra doesn’t go to the dark side again. They just don’t let it go.

        • Hey! I didn’t realize that my settings for the comments were set to “three replies” in a thread. I changed it, so now you can discuss and reply up to ten times. Hope that’s better!

      • The Wolf Pack

        Hey Marsha, Sorry for replying everywhere, but I couldn’t reply under your comment about Ezra joining the dark side. Funny thing is I just finished watching the episode and I am watching it again tonight with my Star Wars circle, the same one that makes fun of me for being the only one who believes Ezra won’t join the dark side. I would post more but I would hate to leave spoilers when the episode hasn’t aired yet

    • Yeah! Ezra getting his lightsaber is a must if he wants to continue his training. Can’t wait to hear about your thoughts once you watch “Path of the Jedi”!

      • Path of the Jedi is tonight and I can’t wait. After Gathering Forces, I think this is definitely the Ezra getting a lightsaber episode. I wonder what will happen to the slingshot after Ezra builds his hybrid lightsaber cause there wouldn’t be much use for it

  3. What do you guys think will happen with Sabine and Ezra in the future? It looks like she is starting to care about him more. I kinda hope that they get together, but I want to know what you guys think will happen

    • Marsha Moseley

      I don’t think he deserves her yet. Perhaps after he’s grown up some. Season 2 maybe?

      I recently rewatched all of the episodes, and I was struck by how sympathetic Sabine is toward him when he’s not trying to hit on her. Even in Spark of Rebellion, when he’s trying to steal the blasters the crew is trying to steal, she compliments his gutsiness, doesn’t shoot him, and lets him keep a crate. Later on that episode, after they have the exchange that neither of them is good at following directions, and she says they’re like a family, his face furrows, her face shows concern at his expression, and then he asks what happened to their real families. She clearly cares about him as a person and crewmate. Perhaps when he grows into himself a little more, she will stop thinking of him as a kid.

      • I agree completely with what you are saying. I know that he doesn’t deserve her yet and the fact that he needs to mature is clearly evident. I think wants his training continues and he becomes more of a jedi than a kid, I think eventually it may happen. Also, I did notice that Sabine calls him “kid” in the episodes leading up to Gathering Forces, but does say “Happy Birthday EZRA BRIDGER” and not kid.

      • Marsha Moseley

        Good point, Nate! And she uses his full name. Her “Happy birthday, Ezra Bridger” and his reaction was a perfect ending to the episode.

      • She really does care about him. Even in “The Rebellion Rises” book, there’s a sentence that says that she grew rather fond of him. So if anything were to happen, it’d definitely be when he’s older and more matured. Great observation!

    • Hey! You left a similar comment in another post, so I left my answer there, but I just wanted to add a thank you for commenting and bringing up friendly conversation. Hope the start of the new year was a good one for you!

      • It was good. Sorry for making the same post. I can’t wait for the episode tonight. Also, PLEASE tell me that Ezra doesn’t turn to the dark side, everyone in my Star Wars circle says Ezra will go to the dark side. I know he’s full of anger and fear but I think he’s the kinda person that won’t stop fighting it. So somebody just give me a good reason why Ezra doesn’t join the dark side

        • Marsha Moseley

          I don’t want to ruin tonight’s episode for you!! I watched it already on Disney XD on my iPad. Just make sure you watch it. It’s intense at times, and different from, but just as satisfying as, any episode yet. Then we’ll discuss. :)

  4. Marsha Moseley

    At the end of Gathering Forces, I had the thought that now Ezra really needs to build a lightsaber, and that that fact was probably part of the conversation Kanan had with Hera (“We need to talk”), in addition to relaying what happened at the old base. Lord knows, Kanan needs to improve his fighting skills against the Inquisitor, and Ezra needs to learn to fight him, as well. Getting Ezra a lightsaber is a win-win for both of them. The Rebels sticker book mentions Kanan and Ezra going on a dangerous journey to find the crystal Ezra needs to build a lightsaber, and I bet the show is not going to waste any time getting them to that point.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some unconventional tactics as these two train. With Ezra being a natural Force jumper, I can’t wait to see his fighting style!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! Wow, I had no idea they had mentioned that crystal bit in the sticker book. I didn’t get a chance to pick it up. Thanks for the heads up! I can’t wait to find out how the journey will play out and see Ezra continue to grow and practice his abilities. :D

  5. I’m glad that the show returns on January 5, because it’ll already be a long wait until then! I can’t wait to read A New Dawn so I’ll be able to write the missing chapter for my book about Rebels (mostly Hera and Sabine focused).

  6. He has to,find a kyber crystal at some point, so why not then? I like the idea. His powers are growing quickly, so it may be time for his Lightsaber.

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